Alexa Skill & Google Action

Learn more about our Alexa Skill & Google Action. You can ask InsureandGo questions about travel insurance, for a fact about a country, or to hear ambient sounds from one of our adverts.

What can it do?

Both the Alexa Skill and the Google Action have three modes; you can ask a question about travel insurance, for a fact about a country or to listen to ambient sounds from one of 5 locations.

How do I open the Alexa Skill?

To open the Alexa skill, visit the skill store and enable the skill from there. Once enabled, simply say "Alexa, open InsureandGo". Alternatively, enable it via voice by saying "Alexa, enable InsureandGo".

How do I open the Google Action?

Just say "Hey Google, open InsureandGo". Or you can visit the Google Action Directory

Insurance questions

Medical Conditions; the difference between single and multi-trip insurance; can you get travel insurance after leaving the country? All the answers are here.

Here are some sample questions;

  • is travel insurance cheaper when you travel in a couple?
  • How much should i pay for travel insurance?
  • Will i be covered to work abroad?

Country Facts

We’ve also added loads of bizarre and fascinating travel facts about countries that you might be visiting. For example, did you know that ‘snake wine’ is used in Vietnam as a cure to baldness?! And in Italy there are over 310 different pasta shapes!

You can ask;

  • Give me a fun fact about a country
  • tell me something about Russia
  • Give me a fact about South Africa

Ambient Sounds

To get you in the holiday mood, how about listening to an ambient sound from one of our adverts?

  • Seaside
  • Town
  • River
  • Forest


What can’t it do (yet)?

Both the Alexa Skill and Google Action are an ongoing project, so for now you can't buy, cancel or amend your policy. Updates are being made all the time, so stay tuned!

Tell us what you think

We've created the Alexa Skill and Google Action to help people get answers to their questions quicker. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvements, please share your thoughts with us at

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