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6 fantastic destinations to visit in 2023

Are you raring to get travelling? If you’ve read up on all the latest travel trends for 2023, you may be ready to book your first, second or even third holiday! But which destinations should you consider visiting this year? Take a look at our pick of some of 2023’s most exciting destinations:


Picture shows a stunning temple in Bali against a sunrise.

Indonesia, and especially Bali, is often a popular destination with travellers. With exotic temples and resplendent palaces set against a stunning natural backdrop, it’s not hard to see why. The local cuisine offers an almost endless choice for dining out. A vibrant nightlife and warm, welcoming locals complete this trifecta of wonder. Bali has plenty of variety, from the stunning seas around the coast to the jungles and volcanoes found inland. This beautiful destination is highly rated by those who have visited.


Picture shows the stunning hilltop village of Bagnoregio in Italy.

Few countries are as steeped in history as Italy. But there’s so much more to the country than Roman ruins, however fascinating those may be. Each region has its own delicious foods and beautiful traditions. Even if you think you’ve seen all Italy has to offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much difference going to a new region can make. If you’re new to Italy, Rome or Lake Como are great places to start your love affair. If you’re a seasoned visitor, try Bogliasco near Genoa or the breathtaking village of Bagnoregio.


Picture shows a vibrant city in Mexico. Brightly painted houses line a street as it winds down a hill.

Around half a million of us head to Mexico every year, and those numbers are growing. Mexico has so much to offer visitors, with a variety of climates and experiences, and friendly locals with a vibrant culture and fantastic food. You can lie back on the famous white sandy beaches of Cancun in the South of Mexico. There are also renowned Aztec and Mayan sites to visit, from the well-known Chichen Itza to the lesser-known gems like Calakmul Ruins. A trip to Mexico will either leave you feeling relaxed or like Indiana Jones!


Picture shows a lamp stall in a market in Morocco.

Famed for its excellent open markets awash with a tantalising aroma of spices, Morocco is a gem on the North African coast. Explore bustling cities like Marrakech or Fez, and try some fantastic local dishes before taking a stroll through the world-famous souks. Or you can head out of the cities into a world of deserts and lush oases, with an experienced guide, of course.


Picture shows a warm sunny beach in Spain, as seen over the rooftops of a quaint town.

Spain has been among the UK’s favourite holiday destinations for a long time. With many of us expected to try and recapture those nostalgic family holidays, it’s no surprise Spain is ready to welcome plenty of visitors this year. But what if you want to see a new side of Spain, away from the busy beaches of the Costa del Sol? Try heading North or away from the coast, and you can experience the beautiful cliff tops of Catalonia or the tranquillity of rural Andalucia.


Picture shows sunrise over the stunning Cao Bang region of Vietnam.

There are few places as perfect as Vietnam for staggering natural wonders and cultural variety. Places like Cao Bang will take your breath away with their surreal beauty. Given the country’s long, sinuous shape, Vietnam is an excellent place for a road trip, though the roads can be a bit wild compared to those in the UK. It’s also a fantastic choice if you want to go trekking on your holiday, with so many stunning walks to enjoy. The locals are friendly, and the food is varied and tastes great, so why not give Vietnam a try?

We hope we’ve inspired you to visit somewhere incredible this year and make the most of your well-earned holiday. Wherever you decide to go in 2023, remember to arrange travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.