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  • Adversity at Altitude

    Adversity at Altitude

    Tselane is an emergency nurse and mountaineer. She is a ski instructor and school nurse in the Swiss alps during the winter. She works with hiking, mountaineering and ski clubs to help empower women from diverse backgrounds to reach their potential in mountain spaces.

  • Reaching My Peak

    Reaching My Peak

    Donnie Campbell is a professional ultra-marathon runner and endurance running coach. In December 2016 he took on Ramsay’s Round; a 24-hour challenge taking in 24 mountains covering 98 kilometres and requiring 8,500 metres of climbing.

  • Navigating the White Continent

    Navigating the White Continent

    Together, Ewan and Sophie bring a true passion for exploration and self-discovery. They work together and have tackled numerous adventures together in many corners of the globe, always a solid team in even the most demanding scenarios.

  • Synergy in Sweden

    Synergy in Sweden

    Helen Wikmar and Emma Wanberg are Swedish swimrunners. In 2018, they completed the Ötillö World Championship race, a punishing 75km route set among the Stockholm archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Teams compete in pairs, tethered together by rope.

  • Confronting the Cold Coast

    Confronting the Cold Coast

    Yorkshire-based photographer Chris Kendall has been surfing on the east coast of England since he was 12 years old. But with murky water, unreliable waves and freezing temperatures, the Cold Coast is no surfer’s paradise. Here’s why for Chris the torrid conditions are as much about endurance as enjoyment.

  • The Final Exam

    The Final Exam

    Lia Ditton is a 39-year-old licensed sea captain, yachtswoman and solo ocean rower from London. She has racked up over 150,000 miles on the sea and has taken part in the some of the most gruelling races on earth. She’s about to embark on her greatest challenge yet, rowing solo and unsupported across the Pacific…

  • Adventure through Africa

    Adventure through Africa

    Tomás Mac an t-Saoir is a 25-year-old barman from Kerry, Ireland. He has a passion for cycling which has inspired him on to take on a much bigger challenge, the length of Africa.

  • Defying the Diagnosis

    Defying the Diagnosis

    Taryn Simpson is a 33-year-old mountain climber from Snohomish, Washington. 8 years ago, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and learnt to rehabilitate her body and control the pain in order to fulfil her love of sports. Taryn is always looking to defy her diagnosis and in 2017 she prophesied that she would one day…

  • Diving in the Dark

    Diving in the Dark

    “If people have true callings, I have found mine – and it’s a strange one. Cave diving.” Natalie Gibb is public speaker, author, photographer, videographer, and a member of the Woman Diver’s Hall of Fame. Natalie is co-owner of Under the Jungle, a cave diver training centre in Mexico, and a TDI Full Cave Instructor.

  • Expedition to Adventure

    Expedition to Adventure

    Oli France is a British speaker, adventurer and expedition leader, specialising in taking groups to remote and hostile places. After quitting his job as a kitchen salesman in 2016 and leaving his old life behind on a whim, he decided to follow his dream of adventure by travelling from Hong Kong to Istanbul, by any…