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  • Soaring for the Shot

    Soaring for the Shot

    Sam Hardy is a 30-year-old professional BASE jumper from Dorset. 14 years ago, he met extreme sports athlete, Tim Emmett, which inspired him to take up the death-defying sport. Since then, Sam has travelled all over the world, completing over 1,800 BASE jumps in 27 different countries.

  • Taking the Plunge against Plastic

    Taking the Plunge against Plastic

    Sarah Gauthier is a professional scuba diving instructor from Québec, Canada. After being inspired to take up diving by her mother, she went on to inspire others to do the same. While teaching, Sarah noticed the increasing amount of plastic pollution in our oceans and decided to go on a mission to raise awareness of…

  • Maneoveuring Through the Munros

    Maneoveuring Through the Munros

    Hamish Frost is a professional adventure sports photographer, based in Scotland. After being inspired to take up mountain sports photography, he quickly became in demand and worked on projects in places such as Antarctica, the Himalayas and the Alps. Although Hamish has travelled all over the world, the Scottish mountains in his back yard, keep…

  • Getting a Grip

    Getting a Grip

    Suffolk-born Shane Griffin is a professional parkour athlete and climber. Shane spent his childhood jumping and climbing his way through his village, and as he got older, his gravity-defying feats led him from stunt roles in movies and the job as course tester for Ninja Warrior.

  • Control in the Cold

    Control in the Cold

    Danish-born Jonas Beyer is a professional wildlife photographer. Jonas spent his childhood taking photographs of anything he could and when he got older, his love of animals took him to some of the coldest and most unforgiving places on earth in order to photograph animals in their natural habitat.

  • Welcome to the Whitewaters

    Welcome to the Whitewaters

    German-born Adrian Mattern is a professional whitewater kayaker who travels the world as part of a collective called SEND. Adrian’s love of the sport has taken him and his team to some of the most remote places on earth in order to capture footage of the most death defying waterfall drops ever attempted.

  • Mentor in the Mountains

    Mentor in the Mountains

    Carlo Cosi is a 32-year-old Italian mountain guide who earned the prestigious distinction of ‘Alpine Guide’ – aka Master of Mountaineering – at the age of just 25. He has traversed over 50 ice routes, 100 rock routes and undertaken over 100 ski mountaineering trips and crossings in his career so far.

  • Cracking the Ice

    Cracking the Ice

    As an experienced ice-climber, Beth Goralski knew the toll climbing could take your body. But pushing herself to the limits was the only way she knew how to be the best. It wasn’t until she suffered a season-ending injury that she realised that actually, her drive to succeed had taken the joy out of the…

  • Lemonade in Lapland

    Lemonade in Lapland

    Huw is an outdoor educator who likes to practise what he preaches. His favourite thing to read is a map – when he moved to Scotland, the first thing he did was buy one. Bikes are a good way to check that the map wasn’t lying, and with his partner Annie, he travels by bike…

  • In Pursuit: Race against time … and caribou

    In Pursuit: Race against time … and caribou

    Peter is a photojournalist and conservationist, using his photography to tell interesting and important stories. Peter strives to inspire people to be empathetic and compassionate for the natural world and the animals that share our planet.