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Stay protected with mobile phone insurance

If you never go out without your phone, it’s probably a good idea to get it protected against damage, loss or theft with our cheap mobile phone insurance. Our policies include cover for accidental damage, water damage, and come with a promise to replace your handset if your claim requires it. We’ll even cover your phone while you’re abroad!

Why do I need mobile phone insurance?

These days, our mobile phones are more than just a device to call and text people – for some of us, they’re our whole lives, our first link to the outside world from where we get all our social media and news. If you need evidence for how in love with our portable gadgets we are, Ofcom reports that at least 93% of us own a mobile and about 61% of them are shiny, expensive smartphones.

Because we rely so heavily on our phones these days, it’s more painful than ever when we’re unlucky and our phones get lost, stolen or damaged. Even if it hasn’t happened to you, the sad fact is you probably know someone who has suffered some misfortune with their mobile – over 250,000 phones are reported stolen in the UK each year and it’s thought that as many as a quarter of smartphone owners are walking around with cracked screens. And we don’t even know how many people have sent their phone on a trip down the toilet!

With phones getting ever more expensive, insuring your phone is becoming less of an optional extra and more of a necessity.

What do I need from my mobile phone insurance?

It’s important to think about your lifestyle when choosing your insurance, and to make sure you’re covered for everything you might need. Accidental and water damage may be worth considering if you’re often out and about, for example. While these are included as standard with InsureandGo’s mobile phone insurance, you may want to upgrade to Elite to include cover for theft and loss. It will be worth the additional premium if your phone does go missing.

Keeping track of the extras is another point to consider for further reassurance. Accessories that were originally supplied with the phone - such as chargers, hands-free kits and data cables - are insured as standard with our mobile policy.

If you’re travelling abroad with your phone, our cover applies worldwide for up to 45 days with standard cover and up to 90 days with the Elite upgrade.

Levels of cover

We cover any make and model of device with a value of up to £1,000 for 12 months. The iPhone 6, for example, will set you back around a whopping £500 for a new handset, so getting mobile phone insurance can end up saving you a hefty amount if something goes wrong.

Standard cover with costs from £30.99 per year, covering accidental and liquid damage, mechanical problems, cracked screen, 45 days worldwide cover and including up to £50 cover for accessories.

Upgrading to Elite cover costs from £79.99 per year, offering additional benefits including theft and loss, up to £150 accessories cover and 90 days cover worldwide.

Adjusting the levels of the excess (the amount you pay when you make a claim) is up to you, and while lowering the excess increases the price a little, it means you’ll only have to pay as little as £25 in the case of a claim.

How to make a claim

To make a claim if something happens to your phone, you will need to call us within two working days of discovering the incident (or within two working days of returning to the UK if you’ve been on holiday) and request a claim form.

This must be completed and returned within 30 days, along with copies of relevant documents for your claim to be assessed. Claims are settled with replacement or repair of the device, so you will not be able to claim cash to the value of the item but you will be offered a new or as-new refurbished replacement to the full value of your phone.

Make sure you understand the exclusions and restrictions

Mobiles can only be insured if they are less than a year old at the time of taking out the insurance, and only one device is covered with each policy, although you may take out additional policies to cover your other devices. Once you’ve insured your phone with us the first time, you can renew your policy for as long as you have your phone, without needing to worry about its age.

If you need to make a claim, you may be liable for an excess of between £25 and £100 which you can adjust to suit your needs when you purchase your insurance. You should always check your policy for details of exclusions before making a claim.

If something has happened to your mobile and you need to make a claim, give us a call 0333 999 7916.


What devices are covered?

All brands of smartphones and tablets are covered up to the value of £1,000

Useful bits

Customer services
0330 400 1383

0333 999 7916

How to make a claim

Give us a call on 0333 999 7916 within 2 working days of discovering the incident (or, in the event of an incident occurring outside the UK, within 2 working days of returning to the UK).

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