Travel is an essential part of our lives, but it’s also important that we do it responsibly. You may want to ensure your trips are as green as possible, but where do you start? We’ve gathered all our tips and tricks for making your holiday a sustainable experience in one convenient place.

Read our guides below, and be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Sustainable travel is becoming easier

Responsible holidays don’t have to be challenging to arrange. Tour operator TUI launched a new ‘Green and Fair’ label, which highlights sustainable business for travellers.

How climate change is affecting our holiday plans

Millions of us made changes to our travel plans in 2023. Some of our favourite destinations became too hot for comfort during last year’s scorching summer. Read up on how our plans may be different this year.

The 5 best destinations to beat rising temperatures

2022 saw record breaking high temperatures across Europe and the UK. This opened many people’s eyes to cooler destinations worth visiting. There are some fantastic places to visit and stay comfortable. Read about the top 5 here.

Taking the plunge against plastic

Sarah Gauthier is a professional scuba diving instructor from Québec, Canada. After being inspired to take up diving by her mother, she went on to inspire others to do the same. While teaching, Sarah noticed the increasing amount of plastic pollution in our oceans and decided to go on a mission to raise awareness of the issues by diving in all seven continents to show the beauty of the sea.

Oceans: An overlooked oasis

Simon Hilbourne is a Marine Biologist, ocean conservationist & underwater photographer. He works for the Manta Trust, leading the Maldives Oceanic Manta Ray Project. He also launched the charity Fish Free February to raise awareness of environmental issues surrounding global fisheries.