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Mother’s day traditions from around the world

Mothering Sunday is when we all take a day to celebrate the wonderful mums out there, as well as the ones who are no longer with us. 

Picture shows a mother and her children enjoying a sunny day in Mexico

We all have our traditions when it comes to acknowledging our mums, usually involving a bunch of flowers and a Sunday roast, but how do they recognise hard-working mothers around the world?

A family song and dinner in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, they celebrate the Antrosht festival when the rainy season ends in early autumn. Antrosht is dedicated to mothers, and family members gather for a huge meal and celebration. Everyone brings something to contribute; the sons traditionally bring meat, while the daughters bring vegetables and cheese. The whole family prepares the meal, a type of meat hash, and then they all sing and dance together, telling stories of their family’s heroes.

Fireworks for the Queen Mother in Thailand 

Mums have to share their day in Thailand! They celebrate on August 12th, the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother. The day is used to honour all mothers and the nation’s symbolic mum. On the plus side, there are public fireworks displays and candle lighting ceremonies for everyone to enjoy. Children usually give their mum a traditional white jasmine flower as a sign of respect and love.

A meal and a play in Mexico

May 10th is Mother’s Day, or La Dia de la Madre, in Mexico, first celebrated in 1922 following a drive by a magazine called El Hogar and the Association of Catholic Ladies. Restaurants are booked out weeks in advance as families get together to treat Madre to a traditional Mexican feast, music, and laughter. Children will also give flowers and sweets, and often stage a play to show how much they love their mums and grandmas. 

A week-long celebration in Peru

What’s better than a one-day celebration of mums? A week-long one, of course! In Peru, families arrange dinners and lunches throughout the week. Cities and towns are full of art and music, and mums can visit museums and festivals for free all week. People will also visit cemeteries and show their love to those mums who are no longer with us with balloons and flowers.

If you decide to treat your mum to a trip this Mother’s Day, remember to arrange travel insurance as soon as you book the holiday.