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Scuba diving travel insurance

If you’re planning on swimming with the fishes (or corals or sea turtles) during your trip, you’ll want to know that you’re adequately covered on your travel insurance. All of our insurance policies include cover for over 100 sports and activities, including basic scuba diving, so you can breathe easy underwater knowing that you’re covered.

Is scuba diving covered by travel insurance?

Do you need special travel insurance for scuba? The answer is “it depends”. A standard InsureandGo travel insurance policy covers you to go scuba diving as long as you’ll be diving no deeper than 30 metres.

If you would like to dive deeper than 30 metres, you’ll need to be qualified and to add on our extreme sports cover. This will also cover you for shark cage diving, skydiving and a whole bunch of other adventurous activities.

For a full list of activities included in the hazardous activities insurance policy add-on, take a look at our policy documents.

Please note that while scuba diving can be covered by our policies, you won’t be covered if this is the main purpose of your trip.

What else are you covered for with your travel insurance?

In addition to providing travel insurance for over 100 activities including scuba diving, we also offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

Read our policy documents to check through any exclusions you might be unsure of. To choose the right travel insurance policy for you, get a quote online or contact us for more information.

What should I be aware of when scuba diving abroad?

If you’re a beginner scuba diver, we can only provide insurance if you’re under the direct supervision of a qualified diving instructor. The qualifications we recognise and the ones that you should look out for include a British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) certificate or equivalent qualification of proficiency. These are also the qualifications we require for more experienced divers to go scuba diving unsupervised.

For your own safety and to be covered while scuba diving on our travel insurance, you must be diving with proper and correct equipment and according to B.S.A.C. codes of good practice. If you’re diving for hire or reward we will unfortunately not be able to cover you. Also, you must never dive and fly within 24 hours of each activity.

Can you get insured for scuba diving if…?

We have no upper age limit on any of our policies because we’d like people to get the most out of their holiday. We also consider all existing medical conditions, so if you have a condition that is likely to impair your fitness to dive this could prevent the insurance cover being applied

For full details about what’s covered with your scuba diving insurance, be sure to check the terms and conditions in our policy wording or contact us today!

Please note: ‘Scuba diving travel insurance’ is a general term for cover included within our standard travel insurance and hazardous activity travel insurance add-on. We don’t offer specialist cover for this specific activity.


  1. Unlimited emergency medical expenses available on Black level policies.
  2. InsureandGo’s Gold achieved a Which? Best Buy.