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Worldwide travel insurance

We know travel insurance is the most boring thing about your holiday, which is why we want to make getting it sorted as quick and as simple as possible.

Whether you’re going for a fortnight in the Seychelles, a city break to New York or several months travelling around Asia, our worldwide travel insurance could save you time and money.

What is worldwide travel insurance?

Looking to see the world? The globe is a pretty big place, so making sure you’re protected is essential. Worldwide travel insurance is there to cover you for medical treatment, loss of personal items, flight cancellations and much more.

Which countries are included in worldwide cover?

Many insurers may say they provide worldwide travel insurance, but when you read the small print you realise that some destinations have been excluded.

If you’re planning a one-off trip, you can let us know the country or countries you’ll be travelling to. If you’re buying an annual policy, then we group the destinations into four areas:

If you’re not sure which area your holiday destinations would be in, please contact us.

Do you actually need worldwide cover?

Many countries may be included within other packages. For example, an annual policy covering Europe would also cover countries bordering the Mediterranean.

If you’re not sure which countries you’ll be visiting (preferring to go where the wind takes you), then our comprehensive worldwide cover will include all destinations. Unfortunately, we can’t provide cover for trips to any country or area where the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office have advised you not to go (unless that advice is only because of Coronavirus – read about our Coronavirus travel insurance for more details).

How to get worldwide travel cover for less

If you’re going to be taking multiple trips this year, then you can save money by choosing our annual multi-trip worldwide travel insurance.

Should you choose single or annual worldwide travel insurance?

Single travel insurance is good for a one-off trip and can cover you for a holiday of up to 365 days in length. You can tailor your cover to meet your specific needs depending on what you require. Visit our single trip travel insurance page to get more information.

On the other hand, annual travel insurance (multi-trip cover) will give you cover for a whole year. You can take as many trips as you like, with each one being up to 31 days away for Budget policies, 45 for Silver and Gold, and 55 days abroad for Black. So if you are planning to take multiple trips this year, an annual package could save you time and money. Visit our annual trip travel insurance page for more information.

10 tips for travelling the world

  1. Always check that your destination (or destinations) are covered in the travel insurance policy you have chosen. What’s more – make sure you get travel insurance! If you’re planning on a round-the-world trip, you’re even more likely to be pushed out of your comfort zone (a good thing!), but make sure you’re covered if things go wrong.
  2. Get a good backpack – but pack light. You won’t need half of what you think you do and if you can fit it all into a bag suitable for hand luggage then you’ll save time and money not having to check in your bag. 
  3. A good credit card could not only help you explore more for longer, but could even save you money with perks like air-miles and no-charge currency converting.
  4. Make sure you’ve invested in the 4 magical items that every world traveller needs:
    1. A ‘microlight’ or ‘microfiber’ towel (easier to pack and they dry out much faster)
    2. A global SIM card (especially if you are travelling solo)
    3. A scarf (thin, light, and useful for a great number of things)
    4. Ear plugs (no explanation needed)
  5. Before you go, get your vaccinations. If they’re recommended to have before you travel and you don’t get them done, you won’t usually be covered for if you need treatment because of that. Most are free, so don’t ‘forget’ to get them done. Check with the NHS for which travel vaccinations are free of charge.
  6. Visas! Planning to work out there? Get the right visa. If you’re caught working without one, you could face scary repercussions – that’s if you can even get a job out there to begin with, as those with the appropriate visas will always be first choice.
  7. Try to learn some key phrases for each destination, maybe even make yourself a phrasebook. This will not only help you get around, but also help you get to know the locals. If you get lost or want to know the best place to grab a bite to eat, the locals are your most valuable resource. 
  8. You know that SIM card we mentioned earlier? Use it! Always tell someone at home where you are travelling to next and your current whereabouts, this is particularly important if you are travelling abroad solo.
  9. Think about a campervan or motorhome – would this work out cheaper or quicker than finding hostels? Some areas might be too remote for a hotel or hostel, so a vehicle can give you much more freedom. Do make sure you can legally drive in that country before buying it though.
  10. Lastly – Ever heard of paying to leave the country? Yes, this is actually a real thing, nicely labelled as ‘Departure Tax’. Check all of the destinations you plan to visit beforehand. Otherwise you could end up losing a chunk of your budget just to move on!

Other information about your worldwide travel insurance

All of our worldwide travel insurance policies are available to UK residents (someone who has been living in the UK or the Channel Islands for at least six of the last 12 months). Sorry, but we can’t provide cover to anyone who doesn’t fit this description.

To choose the right worldwide travel insurance policy for you, get a quote online or browse our policy documents for more information.

  1. Unlimited emergency medical expenses available on Black level policies.
  2. Based on 2,050 responses, correct as of 22/01/2024