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If you’re looking for insurance for travel to Turkey, we can help! Turkey is bursting with reasons to visit, from the famous baths, to bustling markets and clear seas. Our Turkey travel insurance will mean you can enjoy your holiday knowing you’re fully covered. 

Why do you need Turkey travel insurance?

While we all want to relax on holiday, sometimes things go wrong. Turkey is famous for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture, making it a popular choice for holidaymakers. However, as with many popular holiday spots, pickpocketing can occur in busy areas. Some less touristy parts of the country can also experience unrest, which could increase the risk of disturbance to travel plans. This is where our travel insurance for Turkey comes in. It can help with costs for medical emergencies, stolen bags or cancellation of your trip. 

You can insure a single trip of up to 365 days with our Turkey travel insurance, including other countries on the same holiday. Or if you’re planning on going away more than once this year, you could save time and money with our European annual travel insurance. This covers Europe, Turkey and a number of other countries close to the region, including Morocco and Tunisia.

Almost one in 10 UK travellers went to Turkey in 2023. With 16% of families choosing it for their holiday together.

So why do you need insurance for travel to Turkey?

Having the correct travel documents and insurance are the top two reasons people feel confident when going on holiday.

Always check the latest FCDO advice for travel to Turkey. Make sure you read our policy wording for full terms and conditions, including what is and isn’t included with our cover.

What does InsureandGo’s Turkey travel insurance cover?

When buying insurance for travel to Turkey, get a policy that covers you for emergency medical expenses, over 100 sports and activities, and more:

What’s covered?

All our Turkey travel insurance policies include:

  • Medical emergency expenses cover
  • Cover for cancellation of your trip
  • Our 24-hour emergency assistance team, available to call, day or night, wherever you are
  • Over 100 sports and activities covered (see your policy wording for a full list of activities)
  • Personal belongings and baggage cover
  • Personal money, passports and travel documents cover
  • Accommodation cover
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Delayed departure cover
  • Personal accident cover

What’s not covered?

We try to offer as much cover as possible, however, there are some situations travel insurance will not cover. For example:

  • You cannot cover events or reasons to claim which took place before you booked the trip or purchased insurance. Insurance exists to cover unexpected events outside of the insured’s control
  • Claims which are less than the excess for that section of cover. For example, you cannot claim a £40 lost item if your baggage excess is £60
  • All of our Turkey travel insurance policies include cover for cancellation of your trip, but there may be some exclusions. For example, you won’t be covered to cancel if you simply decide not to go 

Find out about our optional add ons for activities like extreme sports, winter sports, cruises and golf

We will consider all pre-existing medical conditions, find out more about medical travel insurance. The excess and amount of cover available varies depending on the level of USA travel insurance you buy. Make sure you have a look at our policy wording to see the full terms and conditions.

The best travel insurance for your Turkey trip

Looking for the best travel insurance for Turkey from the UK? We have a range of cover and add ons to suit your trip: 

To find out what is and isn’t included in these options, read our policy wording.

Choose a cover level to suit your travel needs

Medical expenses and repatriationUnlimited£15 million£10 Million
Cancellation and curtailment£10,000£7,500£5,000
Travel delayUp to £650Up to £540Up to £450
Personal belongings£5,000£2,500£2,000
Legal Expenses£60,000£50,000£15,000
Standard ExcessNil£50£60

How to book our travel insurance for Turkey

We make getting a quote for Turkey travel insurance quick and easy:

1. Tell us a few details about your trip

Where you’re going, when, and who with. Then let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions you wish to cover. 

2. Get your Turkey travel insurance quote

We’ll show you your quote, then all you have to do is decide if you want to buy it now or save it for later.

Our reviews speak for themselves

With over 51,000 5 Star reviews, find out just what our customers think of us on Trustpilot:

“I took out the Black policy, and it came to our rescue. On the first day of our holiday I broke my front tooth and the policy covered my dental expenses . My wife and I also had to go and visit an external doctor, we were both be put on drips for severe mosquito bites. Again the policy came in to affect and saved our trip to Turkey from becoming a disaster.”
Mr Singh

Turkey travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition cover

We know that getting Turkey travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition can be a worry. That’s why we made our online medical screening process simple so that you can get your quote quickly and easily. We’ll consider any pre-existing medical condition if you declare it before buying your policy, including diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer

It’s important to declare your condition when buying travel insurance to Turkey. Otherwise you will not be covered for claims relating to it while you’re away. Make sure you read more about travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, as well as our policy wording.

Frequently asked questions on travel insurance for Turkey

Is Turkey classed as Europe for travel insurance policies?

Turkey straddles two continents, Europe and Asia. We include Turkey and many other countries in our European annual travel insurance. This is because they are geographically near to Europe and have similar medical care costs. Other countries we include are Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. See our European travel insurance page for more details and a full list of countries.

Do I need a visa for Turkey?

No. As a British citizen you can travel to Turkey for tourism or a business trip for up to 90 days without a visa. If you have plans to stay longer, you will need to apply for a longer stay visa or a residence permit. You can find more information about visas and entry requirements for Turkey here.

How much is travel insurance for Turkey?

Turkey travel insurance will vary in price depending on many factors:

  • Your age and any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Whether you’re visiting any other countries 
  • The cover level you choose
  • Whether you need add on cover for any activities, valuables etc
  • If you want an annual or single trip policy

Get a quote online now to find out how much your travel insurance for Turkey will cost.

Do you need travel insurance to visit Turkey if you have a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC/EHIC)?

The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) does not cover all countries and cannot be used in Turkey. You will need to buy a travel insurance to Turkey policy if you want cover for emergency medical expenses.

In countries where the GHIC does apply, it gives you access to some state healthcare at the same cost as local residents. Which will often mean free or reduced-cost medical treatment. But remember, the GHIC does not provide cover for cancellation of your holiday or loss or theft of your belongings. 

Do you need travel insurance for Turkey?

Unless you need to get a visa for your trip, it isn’t mandatory to get travel insurance when you’re visiting Turkey. However, it will provide cover if anything goes wrong. Travel insurance can help with costs if you have a medical emergency, need to cancel your trip for reasons outside your control, or you face legal expenses. You could rack up high costs if these things happen and you don’t have travel insurance. So it is recommended that you buy a travel insurance to Turkey policy before you go.

Who can buy an InsureandGo Turkey travel insurance policy?

All our travel insurance for Turkey policies are available to UK residents. This means:

Get a quote online or browse our policy documents for more information.

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  1. Unlimited emergency medical expenses available on Black level policies.
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