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Cruise travel insurance 

You don't have to stay on dry land to be covered. If you're going on a cruise, our specialist cruise travel insurance policies give you all the cover you need for a price you’ll be happy with.

Our cruise travel insurance has no upper age limit, will consider any medical conditions, and we'll even cover kids for free!

What is cruise travel insurance?

Cruise travel insurance is different from normal travel insurance because it covers you for problems exclusive to cruise travel for an extra premium.  

Our cruise holiday insurance includes extra cover for:

  • Cabin confinement
  • Cruise interruption
  • Itinerary changes
  • Missed port departure
  • Unused excursions
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Extra cover with cruise travel insurance

Cabin confinement

If you’re feeling a bit poorly and need to be confined to your cabin, make sure you confirm it with the ship’s medical officer so we can help with your compensation cover. If this is due to a pre-existing illness you must have disclosed and discussed this with us prior to your cruise insurance purchase. Get in touch today either online or on the phone.

Cruise interruption

If your cruise is interrupted because you need unexpected hospital treatment, we’ll do our best to help get you to the next port in order to re-join the cruise and continue your holiday. Alternatively, our insurance policies cover repatriation where necessary.

Itinerary changes

If your cruise ship changes its docking timetable or misses a port, our cruise insurance will cover you for up to £100 per port for up to 5 ports.

Missed port departure

No-one’s holiday deserves to be lost at sea! If you missed your cruise due to problems with public transport, experienced a vehicle breakdown or were affected by accident-induced traffic jam en-route to the port - we’ll try and get you to the next docking port point to meet your cruise.

Unused excursions

If you missed out on some great activities or excursions that you’d booked before suddenly being taken ill and confined to your cabin, our cruise travel insurance will cover you up to a certain amount.

(Note: The above is only available on our Silver, Gold and Black policies, and only when you pay the extra premium for cruise cover)

For more detail on what you’re covered for, see our full travel policy breakdowns.

We can cover your kids for free!

If you’re going away with your children, we can cover them on your policy at no extra charge, whether you buy an annual policy or single trip cover.

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We do pet insurance now too

So if you've got a cat, dog or rabbit that needs insuring, get them covered today.

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Can I purchase travel insurance after booking a cruise?

Some travel operators require you to buy your insurance at the same time as booking your cruise holiday. Others are more flexible as long as you obtain your cruise travel insurance before you set sail.

Cruise travel insurance with medical conditions

We cover a wide range of medical conditions on our policies, including those with cruise cover, and we will never refuse to cover a pre-existing medical condition without prior consideration. We can usually cover any medical conditions with an additional premium, and medical cover on your cruise holiday is no exception.

You can check through our policy documents for further details on cruise insurance with medical conditions we cover, or just call our customer services line on 0330 400 1383.

To choose the right cruise travel insurance policy for you, get a quote online or get in touch for more information.

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