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    Travel Insurance from InsureandGo

    We know you’re more excited about the holiday you want to insure than the insurance itself. So that’s why we make getting covered as quick and as pain-free as possible.

    InsureandGo are travel insurance specialists – we’ve been looking after people’s holidays for over 20 years.

    5 Star products and service

    Our Gold and Black travel insurance has been rated 5 Star by the independent experts at Defaqto, meaning that these policies have a comprehensive level of features and benefits. Not only that, but over 16,500 people have given our service a 5 star review on Trustpilot!

    24-hour assistance while you’re abroad

    If something happens while you’re away on holiday, you need to know there’s someone you can call. All our travel insurance policies include access to our 24-hour emergency assistance team – they have years of experience in dealing with medical emergencies abroad, and will be able to help you when you need it most.

    Cover for medical conditions

    We can cover many medical conditions free of charge, but it’s important that we know about them before you buy your policy.  If you have a pre-existing medical condition, just pick a Silver, Gold or Black policy to use our easy online screening process.  We’ll ask a few questions about your condition, then let you know whether or not it will cost any extra to cover.

    Do you have a serious medical condition that may benefit from being insured by a specialist provider?
    If so, you can click here to view a directory of specialist medical providers, or call 0800 138 7777.


    No upper age limits

    At InsureandGo, we think travel insurance should be available to as many people as possible; that’s why both our single trip and annual multi-trip policies have no upper age limit.  Whether you’re 18 or 118, you can buy one of our policies and get the same great cover levels (although if you’re over 65, we can only cover trips of up to 31 days).

    Our online quote process is quick and easy – you can choose from a range of options and can even declare your pre-existing medical conditions – however, if you’re over 90, we’d prefer to speak to you before you buy, so please give our friendly team a call.


    We can cover your kids for free

    If you’re planning a family holiday the costs are probably already adding up, so you don’t want to pay any more than you have to for your travel insurance.  That’s why, here at InsureandGo, we let you add children under 18 to your policy free of charge.

    If your child has a medical condition, you’ll still need to tell us about it. Just choose a Silver, Gold or Black policy and follow our simple online medical screening process – many conditions can be covered for free, but for others there may be an extra cost to pay.


    Over 50 sports and activities covered as standard

    All our travel insurance policies automatically include cover for over 50 adventurous sports and activities at no extra cost. Have a look at our policy wording for the full list and, if your planned activity is there, you can travel safe in the knowledge that your medical expenses would be covered if anything happened.

    If you’re planning a more extreme activity that isn’t covered as standard, don’t worry – you can purchase our hazardous activities add on, covering everything from canyon swinging to sky diving.

    We can cover your kids for free!

    If you’re going away with your children, we can cover them on your policy at no extra charge, whether you buy an annual policy or single trip cover.

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    Emergency? Call us:
    +44 (0)207 748 0060

    For everything else, contact us.

    We cover over 50 activities!

    All of our travel insurance policies come with cover for over 50 activities and sports as standard, so you can get up to more on your trip.

    Which policy suits you?

    InsureandGo offer a range of policy types, so we’re sure to have one that fits your holiday plans.

    • If you’re only going away once this year, a single trip policy might be right for you. These policies cover one trip abroad, on the dates you choose, and cover ends when you get back home. If you’re over 65, a single trip policy can cover a holiday of up to 31 days, but if you’re 65 or under it could cover you for up to a year abroad.
    • If you plan on going away more than once in the next 12 months, an annual policy could save you time and money. Multi-trip policies allow you to travel as many times as you like during the year for a one-off price. All our annual cover allows you to be abroad for up to 31 days at a time, but some policies offer more depending on your age and the cover level you choose.
    • If a year abroad isn’t enough for you, our backpacker policies can cover travellers aged 65 or under for up to 18 months – perfect for a gap year, or more! These policies cover all the essentials, and even allow you a home visit during your travels – cover simply pauses while you’re back in the UK and starts again when you resume your trip.

    What’s included in our travel insurance?

    Whether you’re buying a single trip or an annual multi-trip policy, you’ll have a choice between four levels of cover – Budget, Silver, Gold and Black. However, while the exact cover limits and the price you pay may vary, there are some elements of cover that are so important that they’ll be included in your policy as standard. These include:

    • Cancelling or cutting short your holiday
    • Abandoning your trip
    • Delayed departure
    • Medical and other expenses
    • Hospital benefit
    • Legal expenses
    • Accommodation cover
    • Personal belongings and baggage
    • Personal money
    • Passport and travel documents

    What’s optional?

    Aside from the policy essentials, we also offer a range of upgrades so that you can tailor your travel insurance depending on what you’ll be doing abroad and what you might be taking with you.  These optional upgrades include:

    • Winter sports – our annual policies all include between 10 and 24 days of winter sport cover free of charge, but you can also add this cover to a single trip policy.
    • Extreme sports travel insurance – you can add cover for any hazardous activities you have planned, from canyon swinging to sky diving.
    • Valuables extension – our policies already include baggage cover, but if you’re taking something particularly valuable away with you, such as a laptop, you can add this cover.
    • Natural disaster – covers your holiday against disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic ash clouds.
    • Business – if you’re travelling for work, we can cover your equipment against loss, theft or damage. (Not available on Budget policies.)
    • Golf – cover for you clubs and green fees. (Not available on Budget policies.)
    • Cruises – includes cover against missed ports, cabin confinement due to illness and missed departures. (Not available on Budget policies.)