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Arranging a family holiday can be stressful enough without worrying about travel insurance. That’s why we make getting covered as quick and simple as possible.

All our family travel insurance policies include automatic cover for over 100 sports and activities at no extra cost.

What is family travel insurance and do you need it?

Family travel insurance is holiday cover for every member of the family, all under the same policy. Typically, family travel insurance will cover one or two adults and between one and eight children aged under 18.

If you’re heading out with the whole family, costs can quickly stack up. Making sure you’re covered in the event of an emergency is a weight off your mind. We’ll also cover costs for other unexpected issues and mishaps, like losing your luggage or problems with your accommodation, leaving you free to make memories with your family, worry-free.

What does InsureandGo’s family travel insurance cover?

What’s covered

All our family holiday insurance policies include:

  • Medical emergency expenses cover
  • Cover for cancellation of your trip
  • Our 24-hour emergency assistance team, available to call, day or night, wherever you are
  • Over 100 sports and activities covered (see your policy wording for a full list of activities)
  • Personal belongings and baggage cover
  • Personal money, passports and travel documents cover
  • Accommodation cover
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Delayed departure cover
  • Personal accident cover

What’s not covered

We aim to provide as much cover as possible, however, there are some situations that travel insurance will not cover. For example:

  • You cannot cover events or reasons to claim which took place before you booked the trip or purchased insurance. Insurance exists to cover unexpected events outside of the insured’s control
  • Claims which are less than the excess for that section of cover. For example, you cannot claim a £40 lost item if your baggage excess is £60
  • All of our family travel insurance policies include cover for cancellation of your trip, but there may be some exclusions. For example, you won’t be covered to cancel if you simply decide not to go

Find out about our optional add ons for activities like extreme sports, winter sports, cruises and golf

We will consider all pre-existing medical conditions, find out more about medical travel insurance. The excess and amount of cover available varies depending on the level of USA travel insurance you buy.

To check the policy exclusions and what is and isn’t included, make sure you have a look at our policy wording to see the full terms and conditions.

Age restrictions

We think family holiday insurance should cover the whole family. That’s why our policies have no upper age limit. Please note that we do not cover anyone over the age of 65 for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. 


The amount of valuables cover available depends on the policy you choose. Make sure you have a look at our policy wording to see the full terms and conditions, including what is and isn’t covered. If you’ll be taking away something a bit more expensive you can add our valuables extension.

The best family travel insurance for your holiday

All families are different, which is why we offer different types of insurance for every family. Not sure what policy is right for you? Here’s what we’d recommend. 

Choose a cover level to suit your travel needs

Medical expenses and repatriationUnlimited£15 million£10 Million
Cancellation and curtailment£10,000£7,500£5,000
Travel delayUp to £650Up to £540Up to £450
Personal belongings£5,000£2,500£2,000
Legal Expenses£60,000£50,000£15,000
Standard ExcessNil£50£60

Family travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition cover

We don’t think that having a pre-existing medical condition should get in the way of a holiday. This is why we cover more than 1,300 pre-existing conditions, many at no extra cost. 

If you or a family member has a pre-existing medical condition, we can offer medical travel insurance. We’ll simply ask a few questions about the condition so you have more time to get on with your holiday planning. 

Examples of medical conditions we can cover include:

We consider a pre-existing medical condition if you’ve:

Before buying a family travel insurance policy, you must let us know about any pre-existing conditions you or your family members have. Just call us or use our quick and easy online medical screening system.

Which destinations are covered by our family travel insurance?

We offer family travel insurance policies based on the following destination groupings:

*Europe includes: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Azores, Balearics, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey.

If you’ve already bought annual multi-trip travel insurance for a particular area but are now going to be travelling further afield, we can upgrade your cover to include the new destination. Alternatively, you could purchase separate single-trip cover instead, but upgrading your annual travel insurance policy to include worldwide cover can often work out cheaper.
If you’d like to discuss these options, or you’re still unsure which area your trip falls into, please contact us.

How to book our family travel insurance

We know planning a family holiday can be complicated, so we make getting your family travel insurance as easy as possible:

1. Let us know about your trip

We need to know a bit about your trip, who you want to cover and when you want the policy to start. We will also ask you for information regarding any pre-existing medical conditions so that we can provide you with the right level of cover. 

It’s quick and easy to give us this information, either online or by calling our team:

2. Get your quote

Once we have all the details we need, we will send you your quote. At this stage, you can go ahead and buy your policy or save the quote for the future.

Our reviews speak for themselves

Here’s what our other customers have to say about us.

Frequently asked questions on travel insurance for families

Does family travel insurance cover individuals?

Yes, our family travel insurance policies cover any adults over the age of 18 who want to travel alone. If you buy annual multi-trip family travel insurance, every adult on the policy over 18 is insured to travel independently.

Can children travel independently on family travel insurance?

Any children under 18 need to travel with an adult named on the family travel insurance policy to be covered. 

However, any adults over 18 who are named on the policy can travel abroad at any time to be insured. Every adult on the policy is insured to travel independently.

Do I need family travel insurance for a UK holiday?

We’d recommend getting family travel insurance for any holiday, including a staycation. While your medical costs would be free if you’re staying in the UK, family travel insurance also covers other holiday mishaps, such as lost luggage, delays and cancellations.

Is family travel insurance cheaper than individual insurance?

We tailor pricing on an individual level, so the price of each policy will vary based on the individuals in the family.. You also can’t buy an individual policy for under 18s, so a family or group policy is essential to cover anyone younger than this. 

One of the main benefits is that the family policy is less hassle. You’ll only have one policy to look at, one set of documents, and one provider to contact in case of an emergency. That’s a lot less to worry about.

Does travel insurance cover cancellation due to family illness?

Need to cut your family holiday short due to illness? We know this is the last thing you’d want to think about when planning time away but if anything was to happen and you needed to cancel/shorten your holiday then know you’re covered.

When should I buy family travel insurance?

You should purchase family travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget to buy it, and you can avoid a last-minute scramble to get a policy later. 

If that’s not possible, simply buy a family travel insurance policy as soon as possible. Don’t forget that you’ll need to have a policy in place before you leave the UK for it to be valid.

How much is family travel insurance?

The cost of family travel insurance varies, as it will depend on a few different factors. An insurance provider will need to know how many people they’ll need to cover, what their ages are, and whether they have any pre-existing conditions. It’s also likely they’ll want to know where you’re going on your family holiday, and whether or not you’ll be doing any activities, such as winter sports or extreme sports.

Do I need family travel insurance if we all have GHIC cards?

Yes, you’ll need family travel insurance even if you all have GHIC cards. The UK Government advises that all British nationals get the correct type of travel insurance before leaving the country.

The GHIC, formerly known as the EHIC, covers medical expense costs but does not insure you against anything else, such as transportation to and from a hospital, lost luggage, cancellations, delays or legal expenses.

Can I get a family policy for winter sports?

Yes, you can get a family policy for winter sports. All you need to do is add winter sports cover to your policy when you’re getting your quote. That way, the whole family is covered.

Already got a family policy that you need to add winter sports cover to? You can either manage your policy online or give our team a call and we can do that for you.

Can I get family travel insurance as a divorced or separated parent?

Yes, our Family Travel insurance covers children (even if they do not live with you) and stepchildren.  You will need to declare all their details, including medical conditions

Who can buy an InsureandGo family travel insurance policy?

All our family travel insurance policies are available to UK residents. This means:

Get a quote online or browse our policy documents for more information.

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