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Holiday cancellation insurance is an essential part of your travel insurance policy. If you have to cancel your trip, due to illness, bereavement or even jury duty, holiday cancellation insurance helps cover costs that you would otherwise lose.

What is holiday cancellation insurance and do you need it?

Holiday cancellation insurance covers you against losses if you have to cancel your trip. For example, if you unexpectedly had to cancel and could not get back the cost of your flights or accommodation.

In our 2024 annual survey, 48% of the people we asked listed cancellation cover as one of the most important features for travel insurance3. While travel cancellations can’t be helped, our policy ensures that you’re reimbursed, allowing you to rebook your trip at no extra cost.

It’s important to note that cancellation cover won’t cover you if you change your mind about a trip. Travel cancellation insurance helps you by providing:

What does InsureandGo’s holiday cancellation insurance cover?

This type of insurance provides cover if you need to cancel your holiday for a relevant reason. For example, the death of a family member or someone close to you, or being summoned for jury duty.

Cancellation insurance only covers payments that you’ve lost and can’t recover. You should always try to get a refund from your holiday provider first.

Here’s what’s covered in our travel insurance policies.

What’s covered?

Our travel cancellation insurance policy includes cover for cancellation of your trip due to the following reasons:

  • You becoming seriously ill or injured
  • Bereavement or if you need to attend a funeral service
  • Becoming pregnant (if, by the time of travel, you’ll be over 32 weeks or your doctor says you can’t travel)
  • There’s an accident with a vehicle you were planning to travel in
  • Becoming redundant (as long as you’ve been employed continuously for two years, not including self-employment or voluntary redundancy)
  • You’re a member of the armed forces, police, fire, nursing or ambulance service and you have to stay because of an emergency or you’ve posted overseas unexpectedly

What’s not covered?

We strive to provide the best cover possible,  however, there are some situations no travel insurance will cover. For example:

  • Claims for events or reasons which took place before you booked the trip. Insurance exists to cover unexpected events outside of the insured’s control
  • Claims which are less than the excess for that section of cover.
  • For more information, read our policy documents or visit our FAQs page for any questions you may have.

Our policies also include:

To check the policy exclusions and what is and isn’t included, take a look at our policy wording.

The best travel insurance for your holiday

All InsureandGo travel insurance policies protect against many unforeseen circumstances. This includes trip cancellations, delays, lost luggage, medical emergencies and personal liability.

Our policies also offer cover for over 100 sports and activities at no extra cost(see your policy wording for a full list of activities).

Check out our policy wording to learn more about any of these options.

Choose a cover level to suit your travel needs

Medical expenses and repatriationUnlimited£15 million£10 Million
Cancellation and curtailment£10,000£7,500£5,000
Travel delayUp to £650Up to £540Up to £450
Personal belongings£5,000£2,500£2,000
Legal Expenses£60,000£50,000£15,000
Standard ExcessNil£50£60

How to book our holiday cancellation insurance

Booking travel cancellation insurance is easy with our two-step process.

1. Tell us where you’re going, who you want to cover and details about any pre-existing medical conditions.

Do this online now or give us a call:

2. Get your quote and your cover

Receive your quote and you can decide to either buy your insurance policy straight away or later.

Holiday cancellation insurance with pre-existing medical conditions cover

This cover is crucial for travellers with health concerns that could lead to trip cancellation. We understand how upsetting cancelling your holiday due to illness is. It can be unavoidable.

We consider any pre-existing medical conditions. You just need to declare them before buying your policy.

All InsureandGo travel insurance policies provide full medical cover, ensuring you’re protected if you can’t travel due to illness.

Common medical reasons that could lead to cancelling your holiday include:

For more information check out our travel insurance for medical conditions page. Alternatively, you can speak to our customer services team.

Our reviews speak for themselves

Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves. Take a look at what our customers are saying about our travel insurance policies:

Frequently asked questions on holiday cancellation insurance

Which travel insurance policies include holiday cancellation?

All our policies include holiday cancellation as standard. This includes single trip, annual multi-trip and seniors travel insurance.

However, If you’re planning a cruise, you’ll need to add cruise travel insurance to your policy. This includes holiday cancellation cover if something happens and you can’t go away as planned. You’ll also be covered for missed ports if the ship can’t make a scheduled stop.

When does my holiday cancellation insurance start?

If you buy a single trip policy, cover for holiday cancellation starts from the date you book your trip or pay the insurance premium, whichever is later. So, try not to leave buying insurance until the last minute!

If you’ve got an annual multi-trip policy, cover for cancellation starts at either the time you book your trip or the start date shown on your insurance certificate, whichever is later.

If, due to unexpected circumstances beyond your control, you can’t finish your holiday within the period of insurance, we’ll extend your cover for up to 30 days, at no extra cost.

Will my travel insurance cover cancellation due to Covid?

Yes, all InsureandGo policies cover you for cancellation due to contracting Coronavirus (including Delta and Omicron variants).

Read about our Coronavirus travel insurance for full details of the holiday cancellation insurance included with each policy.

Is curtailment the same as cancellation?

No, curtailment and cancellation are not the same.

Curtailment cover is cover for cutting your holiday short and returning home early. This could be due to someone you were staying with unexpectedly becoming seriously ill. Or due to an emergency in the UK that you have to return to deal with.

Cancellation, on the other hand, involves terminating your holiday plans before you depart.

See the policy wording for full details of our curtailment and holiday cancellation travel insurance.

Will I be covered if I cancel for any reason?

Holiday cancellation insurance covers specific events. It won’t cover you if you decide you don’t want to travel for any reason. It also won’t cover you for anything you already knew about when you bought the policy.

For full details of what’s excluded from holiday cancellation insurance, read our policy wording.

Does travel insurance cover cancelled flights?

If the airline cancels your flight, in most cases they will be required to refund you or offer a replacement flight. You should speak to your airline or travel agent.

If your flight is cancelled due to a covered reason (for example, mechanical breakdown of the aircraft) and the replacement offered causes a delay to your journey, you may be able to claim for travel delay or abandonment of your trip. Please see the policy wording for full details.

Who can buy an InsureandGo holiday cancellation insurance policy?

All our travel insurance for holiday cancellation policies are available to UK residents. This means:

Get a quote online or browse our policy documents for more information.

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  1. Unlimited emergency medical expenses available on Black level policies.
  2. InsureandGo’s Gold achieved a Which? Best Buy.
  1. Based on 4023 responses. InsureandGo Annual Survey, February 2024.