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Keep your pets and plants happy and healthy while you’re away

Most of us like to have some familiar things with us when we go on a trip. However, travelling with your pets is not always easy, and travelling with a plant is even harder. So, how can you ensure they are well looked after when you’re not home?

Taking care of your pets

According to the RSPCA, the best way to ensure your furry friends are cared for is to arrange for a pet sitter to look after them in your home. Friends and family are best, as your pets already know them, so this helps them stay calm.

When deciding who will take care of your pets while you’re on holiday, you should make sure you;

  • Are happy that they will give your pet the proper care.
  • Leave them clear instructions on how to care for your pet.
  • Give them the name and number of your vet.

If none of your friends or family can help, you can use a professional pet-sitting service. There are some extra things to consider if you’re using a pet sitter.

Before hiring someone to look after your pet, you should do some background checks and preparations. 

  • Meet the potential carer in person and ensure they can handle your pet’s specific needs. 
  • Ask for their DBS certificate to verify that they have no criminal record. 
  • Check their references and insurance policy to ensure your pet will be safe and covered in any emergency. 

Additionally, if possible, you should arrange some ‘introductory sessions’ where your pet can get to know the new carer and feel comfortable with them before you leave for your holiday.

Make sure your pets and plants are looked after while you're on holiday.

Looking after your houseplants

The experts at the RHS confirm that most houseplants will be fine if left alone for a few days. Moving your plants to a cool, shaded corner and watering them well before you go keeps most plants thriving for a few days during the summer. In the winter, move them away from windows, where it is often cooler, and water them before you leave.

What if you’re going away for longer than a few days? You can use some easy tips to ensure your houseplants are alive and well when you get home.

Like pets, the best way to ensure your plants are cared for is to ask family, friends, or neighbours to take care of them while you’re away. If that’s not an option, you can do a few things for your plants.

  • Wick method. Great for large, single-pot plants. Fill a container with water, then use capillary matting to connect the container and the plant pot. Now, your plant can draw on the water as and when it needs it.
  • Plastic bags. You can also seal your plants inside a plastic bag, which allows water vapour to form and be collected by the plant. Make sure you use canes to keep the plastic from touching the sides of your plant.
  • Capillary matting. You can use capillary matting if you have several smaller potted plants. Place your mat next to your sink and group your plants on it. Ensure some matting is in the sink and fill it with water.

With these tips, you’ll be free to travel as often as you like, knowing that your beloved pets and favourite houseplants are cared for. Remember to also take care of yourself by buying quality travel insurance from InsureandGo.