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Pancakes from around the world

Pancakes are very popular in the UK, and all around the globe, for such a relatively simple dish. Every year we tuck into millions of them on Pancake day, using an incredible 52 million eggs in one day. 

Many of us enjoy ours with lashings of lemon and a generous sprinkling of sugar. But how do people around the world enjoy their pancakes?


These Brazilian pancakes are traditionally made from tapioca flour, which gives the delicacy a slightly chewy texture. Frequently paired with condensed milk and fruit, or even a savoury bite with tomato sauce and cheese. Usually a sweet and fragrant base to complement any topping. These little pockets of flavour should definitely be on on the top of your 2023 travel bucket list.


Cong you bing, or scallion pancakes. YUM. Dunked in a sweet vinegar sauce for a spectacular bite. A personal favourite of mine, purely for the saltiness and individuality of the pancake, in-comparison to all the others.


The classic crêpe, a wonder that the country is often known for. A thin batter spread on a hot round surface, flipped when speckled brown. Lemon and sugar for the customary filling, or Crêpes Suzette. A beautiful orange alcoholic sauce which complements the thin crepe perfectly.


Kaiserschmarrn, little scraps of pancake with a light dusting of powdered sugar and raisins. Less Orthodox than the traditional breakfast, this dish is bestowed upon lunch time. Kaiserschmarrn, translating to scrambled pancake accurately depicts the tatters of pancakes. Remember these little bites of heaven are usually paired with apple sauce to sweeten each mouthful.


Uttapam, a subtype of dosa, founded in Southern India. Typically crisp and thick, containing tomatoes, onion, dal, lentils and rice flour. Low in fat and calories, it serves as a healthier option for many. Uttapam is also vegetarian proving to be kinder alternative to the earth. 

Hopefully we’ve left you inspired to try something new and exciting this year. No matter which of these pancakes you head off to devour, make sure you have the correct travel insurance for your trip.

Author notes

Written by Anastasia Rolland
Edited by Russell Wallace, Copywriter at InsureandGo