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How to renew your passport easily

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One of the most vital parts of organising your holiday is making sure your passport is valid and up to date. Renewing your passport is easy and convenient, and you can do it online or using a physical application form. 

Read on for our guide on how to renew your passport, what documents you’ll need, and how much it costs.

What is the quickest way to renew a UK passport?

The quickest way to renew your passport is to apply online. You’ll need a digital passport photo and your previous UK passport. You can take a photo on your phone or use a photo booth or shop that provides digital images. To make sure your picture meets the requirements, visit https://www.gov.uk/photos-for-passports.

As part of the application, you must fill in your personal information and pay securely using a credit or debit card. The fee for renewing a standard 34-page passport online is currently £82.50 for adults and £53.50 for children under 16. You’ll then need to send your old passport by post to the address provided.

The online service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can track the progress of your application online. Getting your new passport usually takes about 3 weeks, but it may take longer during busy periods or if more information is needed.

What documents do I need to renew my passport in the UK?

To renew your passport in the UK, you’ll need:

  • Your old passport
  • Any valid passports you have from a different country – send either a colour photocopy of every page (including blank ones) or the physical passport
  • A digital passport photo that meets the requirements

You only need to provide other documents if your name or personal details have changed since your previous passport was issued. In that case, you’ll need to provide proof of the change, such as a marriage certificate or deed poll. 

For more information on what documents you need for different situations, visit https://www.gov.uk/changing-passport-information.

Do I have to send my old passport when renewing a UK passport?

Yes. You’ll need to send in your old passport when you renew. This helps prevent identity theft and ensures your old passport is cancelled correctly. You should send your old passport by post using the pre-printed envelope that comes with your online application confirmation.

If you have any unexpired visas in your old passport, you can still use them as long as you carry both passports when you travel. The rules are different if you’re travelling to Russia – you’ll need to get a new visa in your new passport.

Do I need a photo to renew my passport?

Yes, you need a photo to renew your UK passport. The image must be digital and meet the size, quality, background, expression, and head position requirements. You can take the photo yourself or use a photo booth or shop that provides digital images. You’ll need to upload the photo as part of your online application.

For guidance on how to take a suitable photo, visit https://www.gov.uk/photos-for-passports. You can also use the online photo checker tool to see if your photo meets the standards.

Can I take a passport photo on my phone?

Yes, you can take a passport photo on your phone if it meets the standards for size, quality, background, expression, head position, etc. 

How much is the UK passport renewal fee?

The passport renewal fee depends on how you apply and what type of passport you want. 

The current fees are:

  • Online application: £82.50 for a standard 34-page adult passport, £53.50 for a standard child’s passport.
  • Paper application: £93 for a standard 34-page adult passport, £64 for a standard child’s passport.

You can pay by debit or credit card online or by cheque if you apply by post. You may also have to pay additional fees if you need an urgent or premium service.

Do I need a countersignature for a passport renewal?

You don’t need a countersignature for a passport renewal if you can still be recognised from the photo in your existing or recently expired passport.

You may need someone to countersign for you if:

  • You’re changing your name or personal details
  • You’re replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport
  • You’re applying for your first adult or child passport
  • You’ve had significant changes to your appearance that make it hard to recognise you

The countersignature must be someone who has known you personally for at least 2 years, is not related to you, and has a current UK passport. For more information on who can be a countersignature and what they need to do, see https://www.gov.uk/countersigning-passport-applications.

How early can I renew my passport?

You can renew your passport at any time, but you should allow at least 3 weeks for your new passport to arrive. If you renew your passport before it expires, any unused time up to a maximum of 9 months will be added to your new passport.

Always check the entry requirements of the country you want to travel to before you renew your passport. Some countries may require a certain amount of time left on your passport or a minimum number of blank pages. The FCDO has the latest travel advice for different countries available online.