Until this morning, I thought the highest point in the Netherlands was the top of a windmill. But it turns out the Netherlands not only has a proper highest point – it also has a volcano!

Mount Scenery

Credit: Radioflux

Mount Scenery is massive. It’s 2,910 ft (887 m) tall, which is certainly a lot taller than anything else in the Netherlands, probably one of the flattest and lowest countries in the world.

Saba and Mount Scenery

Credit: Richie Diesterheft

But the most surprising thing about the Netherlands’ highest point is that it didn’t used to be its highest point. Not until 2010, anyway.

Mount Scenery

Credit: Richie Diesterheft

You see, Mount Scenery – which last erupted in 1640 and is probably due another one very soon – is actually on the Caribbean island of Saba. Until 2010, Saba was part of the Netherlands Antilles, which was an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands Antilles was the successor of a Dutch colony which was set up in 1815.

Credit: Mike Roberts

When the Antilles was dissolved in 2010, following a series of referendums, Saba was made part of the Netherlands proper and the Netherlands gained itself a volcano.

That must’ve been a high point for them…

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