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Terrorist attack in Tunisia: What to do if you’re affected

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On the 9th July 2015, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) changed their advice regarding Tunisia, following the possibility of a further attack. They are now advising against all but essential travel to the entire country, and are urging any Brits currently there to come home.

If you’re currently in Tunisia, please contact your holiday company as soon as possible as they should be able to help make arrangements for you to return home.

If you have booked a holiday to Tunisia, please contact your holiday company as soon as you can as they should be able to either rearrange your holiday for another time or offer you a full refund. If you have a travel insurance policy with us, we can change this to cover your new holiday providing the new trip is within three months of your original departure date, is for the same (or no longer) duration and is to the same geographical area.

We have also updated the advice regarding what cover we can offer you if you’re currently in Tunisia below (updates in brackets):

  • Medical expenses – Any medical claims arising as a result of the attacks are fully covered under the policy terms and conditions. (This remains unchanged.)
  • Repatriation (flying you home after an injury) – Both holiday companies and the British government are looking to repatriate those affected. If, for any reason, you’re unable to be repatriated by either of these then we will provide cover for this in line with your medical needs. (This remains unchanged.)
  • Cutting short your trip – If you have chosen to end your holiday, whether because you’ve been directly involved in the incident or not, and no refund is available from your holiday company, then we will refund up to £1,000 per person for the cost of your lost holiday. This is extra cover that is not detailed in the policy terms and conditions, therefore the limits set out in the policy booklet do not apply in this case. (Please note that this cover will be extended to include those returning home earlier than planned following the advice provided on 9th July 2015.)
  • Cancellation – If you’re cancelling a future holiday to Tunisia, in the first instance, you should speak to your holiday company, as most are offering a full refund/change of destination. However, if you find that these are not available to you, we will look at these on a case-by-case basis. (This cover has been extended; however we would again highlight that you should be able to obtain a full refund from, or change your travel plans with, your holiday company.)

Our assistance company has a local branch in Tunisia who are on-hand for any assistance that you may need.

Please note that our advice remains valid as long as the FCDO warning remains in place.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with us.