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Travel News – Qatar prepares to host the World Cup later this month

The World Cup is less than one month away, and host nation Qatar is getting ready to welcome football fans from around the world. It’s the first time a nation in the region has hosted the tournament. The event has already been moved from summer to November and December so players won’t struggle with the heat as much.

To prepare for the arrival of an expected 1.2 million football fans, Qatar has stepped up its efforts to ensure that all building work is complete and infrastructure is in place to ensure everything is ready for kick-off on the 20th of November.

If you are one of the England or Wales fans planning to head to Qatar for the World Cup, it’s vital to ensure that you have high-quality travel insurance. Before travelling, you should also check entry requirements and FCDO advice for Qatar. The FCDO have even set up a special page for guidance for the World Cup.


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Make sure you apply for your visa early in case of delays and that you have accommodation booked before leaving for Qatar. You should also familiarise yourself with Qatari laws and customs, which are very different to UK law.

Whether you plan to travel to Qatar or watch the matches at home, the World Cup is a great chance to come together with friends and family.