InsureandGo Terms and Conditions

Cover Offered

All ages.

InsureandGo does not operate a maximum age limit for single trip or annual multi-trip policies. Some cover options may not be available to all ages such as winter sports cover where the maximum age is 65. Children under 18 can be covered but there must be an adult named on the policy too.

All conditions.

InsureandGo does not exclude cover for any individual medical condition or condition groups. Whilst we endeavour to include as many conditions and synonyms as possible in our database we do not guarantee that every condition can be found. If you cannot find your specific condition then please call our contact centre who will advise how to screen and cover your condition.

InsureandGo does not guarantee that it will be able to offer cover in all circumstances if a combination of age, policy type, number and severity of pre-existing medical conditions exceeds our underwriting limits. InsureandGo can only offer cover for a terminal prognosis if the prognosis is more than 6 months at your trip return date.

Quote Prices

The prices shown on this website are only valid at the time they are generated. We reserve the right to change our prices or other details at any time. Prices may fluctuate. If you purchase a policy over the phone our sales consultants will confirm the correct price before you make a purchase. We reserve the right to withdraw prices without notice.


  • Percentage discounts (e.g. 5%, 10% etc.) are available to customers who purchase a policy and are applied as detailed in the promotional material.
  • Sometimes our promotional offers will be exclusive to policies purchased through either our Call Centre or online at
  • Discounts only apply to the base premium of your travel insurance quote and do not apply to any premium generated to cover medical conditions.
  • Policies can be purchased over the phone or online at To qualify for the relevant discount, customers must quote the discount code at the time of purchase.
  • Customers must refer to the promotional material for qualifying dates, if applicable.
  • The discount value is as stated on relevant promotional material.
  • InsureandGo reserves the right to change the offer at any time.
  • No cash alternative will be given.
  • The offer cannot be redeemed against existing policies.
  • The discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Only one discount can be applied to each policy. Some discounts are offered via promotional code and some are generated by our system. For an extremely small number of policies a system generated discount will supersede promotional discounts, for example where very complex medical conditions generate a significantly high premium, InsureandGo may choose to substantially discount this, to offer cover to customers who without this discount may not have access to comprehensive, affordable cover. This type of discount may apply for new as well as returning customers. We hope this makes a difference in the marketplace and aligns our core values with our customers. We believe everyone has the right to travel.
  • InsureandGo reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.


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