For many, going on an aeroplane is an exciting part of their holiday. Others see it as a necessary evil, but there are lots of things you can do to make your flight easier and more comfortable. So next time you take a trip, why not try some of our favourite air travel hacks?

Don’t miss out on air miles

Signing up for a frequent flyer program is worth doing, even if you’re not planning to fly with the airline again soon. Many companies have affiliate programs which let you transfer air miles from one airline to another. 

Every little helps, and even short trips can quickly add up if you travel a lot. Getting something for nothing is always a good thing!

Choose your seat carefully

Every seat on the plane has various pros and cons, so make sure you pick the right seat for your needs. 

  • A seat over the wing experiences less turbulence, making it a great choice if you suffer from travel sickness.
  • Pick a seat towards the front of the plane for shorter, connecting flights so you can disembark quickly.
  • Window seats are excellent if you sleep on flights, as they give you something to lean against.
  • For couples, booking a window and aisle seat towards the back of the plane can pay off. Unless the flight is full, it’s unlikely anyone will want to sit between you, so you might get a bonus seat to share!

Websites like SeatGuru are an excellent way to get the most out of your seat.

Pack essentials in your hand luggage

In the unlikely event that your suitcase goes missing, having some essentials in your hand luggage can be a lifesaver. A light change of clothes and things like toiletries and sun cream can make the wait a lot more comfortable. Also, make sure you pack any medications and chargers in your hand luggage too – even if your luggage isn’t lost or delayed, having these things to hand is always beneficial. 

Take a pen

Many destinations will require you to complete some paperwork before you enter, often while you’re still on the plane. Bringing your own pen means you can complete this bit of admin quickly, without waiting for a pen from the cabin crew or your fellow passengers.

Go left at border control and security

One of the weird quirks of human nature is that many of us will head to the right when faced with multiple queues to join. Use this to your advantage and head left at border control and security. Lines on the left are likely to be shorter, shaving off a few minutes so you can start enjoying your trip sooner!.

Get ready to go offline

While long-haul flights often have lots of entertainment available, sometimes you want the comfort of your favourites. Before you head for the airport, get ready to be offline for a while; download some episodes of your favourite podcasts or TV shows and any playlists you might want to listen to. 

It’s also worth your time to download local maps of your destination, so you can use your phone to navigate without worrying about your data plan.

With these hacks, you can make your next flight more enjoyable. Just remember to buy your travel insurance as soon as your book.