Cape Verde travel insurance

  • Unlimited medical emergency expenses¹
  • Up to £10K cancellation cover
  • 24/7 emergency medical helpline
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Cape Verde travel insurance

Before you buy travel insurance for your holiday to Cape Verde, there are a few things to think about:

  • The cost of your trip – if you have to cancel, it’s important to know that you can get your money back
  • The activities you’re likely to be doing – if you’re planning anything extreme, we can offer you extra cover with our adventure and extreme sports cover
  • How much medical coverage you have – no one wants to think about getting ill or having an accident abroad but, unfortunately, it does happen
  • And don’t forget to check the latest travel advice for Cape Verde from the FCDO

We can cover your kids for free!

If you’re going away with your children, we can cover them on your policy at no extra charge, whether you buy an annual policy or single trip cover.

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We cover over 50 activities!

All of our travel insurance policies come with cover for over 50 activities and sports as standard, so you can get up to more on your trip.

What’s covered with travel insurance to Cape Verde?

As standard, our policies cover over 50 sports and activities, so you can get up to more on your holiday. We also offer a range of benefits, some of which include:

  • Medical expenses and hospital benefit
  • Personal accident and liability
  • Cancelling and cutting short your holiday
  • Abandoning your trip
  • Delayed departure
  • Accommodation cover
  • Personal belongings and baggage
  • Personal money, passport and travel documents
  • Legal expenses

To help you have the best holiday experience, we’ve put together some important information that we think you might want to know before your trip to Cape Verde:

Currency Cape Verdean escudo or CV esc
Official language(s) Portuguese
Continent Africa
Capital Praia
Population Approx. 540k
Plug type Plug C and F
Driving side Right-hand side

The Tempo das Brisas (Time of the Winds)

October – July

The Tempo das Chuvas (Rainy Season)

August – September

Laws Local laws and customs

Do I need a visa for Cape Verde?

Yes, you will need to apply for a visa to travel to Cape Verde. You can get a visa before you travel from the Cape Verde Consulate in London, as well as other embassies around the world.

It’s also possible to get a visa on arrival, however it’s advised that you arrange your visa beforehand to avoid any possible difficulties or delays.

Healthcare in Cape Verde

The healthcare facilities in Cape Verde are quite limited, and not as well equipped as the hospitals and clinics in the UK. The larger hospitals are in Praia and Mindelo, and smaller facilities are located around the rest of Cape Verde. The two smaller islands off the coast of Cape Verde, Brava and Santo Antão, have no functioning airports, so air evacuation from these two islands is really difficult.

It’s important to make sure that you have adequate medical travel insurance in place before your trip, so you’re covered in case anything unfortunate happens. We also recommend that you speak to your GP at least four to six weeks prior to travel, to check whether there are any vaccinations or other preventatives needed.

You can find more information about healthcare in Cape Verde here.

Can you help if I need medical treatment while in Cape Verde?

Yes – all our policies come with access to our 24-hour emergency assistance team, so there will always be someone here to help you if you become ill or are injured while abroad.

If you need assistance just give our emergency medical team a call any time, day or night.

Did you know that…?

  • The beaches of Boa Vista and Santa Maria give you the rare opportunity to see the endangered Loggerhead turtles in the wild, as they’re the third largest nesting site in the world
  • The natural winds on the clear sea waters make Cape Verde one of the best spots for windsurfing, diving and kite surfing
  • Portuguese is the official language in Cape Verde because the islands were originally a Portuguese colony from 1462-1975
  • Rather than the classic four seasons, the Cape Verde Islands only have two: The Tempo das Brisas (time of the winds) from October to mid-July and the Tempo das chuvas (rainy season) from August to September, when there may be heavy tropical rainfall.
  • The highest point in Cape Verde is active volcano Mount Fogo (or Pico do Fogo), which is 2,829 meters above sea level