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We are delighted to announce that InsureandGo now forms part of the AllClear Group. We are currently upgrading our travel insurance policies and will be back very soon with new InsureandGo policies.

In the meantime, we can offer you a quote from a wide range of policies provided by our sister company AllClear Travel Insurance.

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Coronavirus travel insurance

If you’re thinking of booking a holiday at the moment, it’s natural to want to make sure that you have travel insurance with Covid cover. Here at InsureandGo, all our policies will cover you if you catch Coronavirus.

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What are the UK travel restrictions?

Restrictions can change very quickly, so it’s really important to keep up to date with the travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and to follow that advice.  We won’t cover you for travelling against FCDO advice so, for example, if the FCDO advise against ‘all but essential travel’ to your destination, but you go on holiday anyway, your policy won’t be valid. For more information, visit our Coronavirus travel help page.

If the FCDO currently advise against travel to your destination, but you expect this to change, you might decide to risk booking a holiday anyway.  If you do, and the advice changes by the time you travel, great! You’d have the same level of Coronavirus cover as anyone else.  However, if the advice doesn’t change by your departure date, then you won’t be covered if you travel and there would be no cover for cancelling due to the advice preventing travel.

What are you covered for with Covid travel insurance?

If you are able to travel, either because the FCDO advice changes to allow it or because your trip is already legally permitted under the rules, you will be covered for:

  • Medical expenses if you need treatment for Coronavirus while abroad, including up to £2,000 to cover additional accommodation costs if this treatment means you need to extend your trip.
  • Cancelling or cutting short your trip if you, a member of your family or travelling party, are medically diagnosed with Coronavirus or personally instructed to isolate by an NHS service or medical professional.

Please note that there is no cover for any other Coronavirus-related claims, including lockdowns, quarantines or other government restrictions. All other terms and conditions of the policy apply.

Does all InsureandGo travel insurance include Coronavirus cover?

Yes. Any policy you buy from our website includes the level of Covid cover set out above and in our policy wordings. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a single trip policy, annual multi-trip cover, or even an 18-month backpacker policy.

Do you cover the over 70s and over 80s?

Yes, there are no age restrictions to buying our Covid travel insurance. As always, InsureandGo will have a policy for you whatever your age, so you can get a quote today.

Can I have travel insurance for Coronavirus even if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, you’ll just need to tell us about it when you’re buying your policy.  Simply choose Silver, Gold or Black level cover and follow our simple medical screening process. Depending on the condition, you may need to pay an additional premium to cover it, but there are many conditions that we can cover at no extra cost.

There’s more information on our page about policies for medical conditions. 

What else is covered under your policies?

Our travel insurance doesn’t just cover you for Coronavirus, we know that other things can go wrong too. That’s why all our policies have a wide range of cover including:

• Cancelling or cutting short your holiday
• Abandoning your trip
• Delayed departure
• Medical and other expenses
• Hospital benefit
• Legal expenses
• Accommodation cover
• Personal belongings and baggage
• Personal money
• Passport and travel documents

Questions about Coronavirus travel insurance?

If you’re unsure about the Covid cover we offer, please take a look at our Coronavirus help page, where we have frequently asked questions about the pandemic. If you still can’t find what you need to know, feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.


Please note: ‘Coronavirus travel insurance’ and ‘Covid travel insurance’ are general terms for cover included within our standard travel insurance. We don’t offer specialist insurance cover for this specific illness.


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