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Are you thinking of going to Cambodia?

If you're going to Cambodia, make sure you have the right travel insurance. The things you need to take into account are:

  • The cost of your trip – Because if you have to cancel, you want to know that you can get that cost back
  • The things you're likely to be doing - We cover over 50 adventure activities as standard, so you probably will be covered but it's always best to check. If you're planning anything more extreme, we can offer you extra cover, simply give us a call on the number above
  • The cost of your baggage
  • And don't forget to check the latest travel advice for Cambodia from the FCO

Did you know that?

  • In 2008 the price of rat meat quadrupled in Cambodia, jumping to 70p from 16p a kilo. Rat meat is enjoyed as food by Cambodians, particularly if they're on a budget. It's also exported - neighbouring Vietnam takes a tonne of live rats a day.
  • Cambodians celebrate New Year in mid-April, at the end of their harvest season. It's traditional to splash and throw water at each other to show blessings and good wishes. It gets boisterous so water pistols were banned in 2001.
  • Cambodia has a very young population. Half of all Cambodians were born after 1991.
  • The flag of Cambodia has changed six times since 1970. It's the only flag in the world to feature a real building - a picture of Angkor Wat, the 12th-century temple complex that is Cambodia's most famous landmark.
  • In Skuon, Cambodia, deep-fried spider is a popular snack food. The tarantulas are caught in their hundreds from their burrows and fried up in garlic. The legs are crispy, the head is meaty and the big round abdomen is full of brown goo. Bon appetit!
  • Cambodia is a kingdom but the monarch is elected for life from members of the royal family by senior political and religious figures. Current ruler King Norodom Sihamoni was elected in 2004 after his father abdicated. Before that, he taught ballet.
  • The ruins of Angkor, Cambodia, are thought to be all that's left of the largest pre-industrial city in the world, covering more than 1,000sq km. It had more than 1,000 temples and at its heart Angkor Wat, the world's largest religious structure.

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