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Almost everything you see online comes with reviews these days, including our travel insurance policies! We’ve teamed up with the independent review site, Trustpilot, to find out what our customers think about our service.

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Here are just a few of the reviews we’ve received so far:

“Used this company before, we were on a year trip, and we had to come back early due to a death and they paid out, so using again for annual multiple trip.”

John Higgins, 1st February 2014

“I have used Insure and Go for the past 9 - 10 years now. Their rates are very competitive and when I needed their assistance, a few years ago, they were fantastic - nothing was too much bother and they kept in contact regularly. Would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

V.Seth, 26th January 2014

“My expierences with Insure and Go have alway`s been positive to date,we had to make a claim back in 2012 October and they took no time at all in sorting it out to our satisfaction,however they did ask for certain information to be supplied by my GP as opposed to both my hospital consultant and discharge letter bearing all of the relevant and genuine information and diagnosis which I felt strange as both the hospital and indeed the consultant had far more information than the GP and perhap`s they should look into this as best practice,that said settlement was quick and after the excess was taken into account the matter left us feeling that Insure and Go are definitley a good insurerer and we have continued to be covered with them,after having been insured with them prior to this you never know how good an insurer is until you make a claim,which most of us hope not to happen.

“Having renewed our policy recently with them again I found it quite strange that they wanted to go all through all of the security question`s again and would not allow me to add any further question`s regarding the existing policy and in fact the person on the other end of the phone clearly missed a condition which I have had for a long period of time which in most cases stay`s with a person the rest of thier life (Epilepsy)

“when I pointed this out to her she had to pass me on to a senior person who once again asked all of the same question`s before adding Epilepsy which had been on all of the previous policies,in closing they do not seem to want to know how the illness is treated and with which drug`s,ensure that as with all insurances you are both accurate and truthful as well as checking all of your document`s when recieved.

“A job well done Insure and Go and keep up the good work,an execelent Insurer for anybody with health issues.”

Brian Moore, 13th January 2014

“having used Insureandgo when I had the misfortune to loose luggage I was happy to set up a new policy knowing I would receive good service”

lincslady, 11th January 2014

And here are some reviews that have been sent in to us:

“We had the unfortunate experience of our house being burgled while we were on holiday in Italy. We had to return to the UK immediately.

“This incurred us getting a taxi (3 hour journey) to the airport, then flight home. Very traumatic as you would understand.

“Before we arranged to come home we contacted Insure & G. The day after we returned home the claim forms arrived. We made several phone calls but we were getting conflicting information about what information and documents were required.

“After several phone calls I spoke to Deborah. She really went the extra mile for me. She took the claim on personally and in such an understanding and sympathetic way. I felt as if I was speaking to a friend.

“On several occasions I was upset while talking to her and she helped me through it all. Many times she telephoned me to reassure me that all was going through and they had all of the information needed. Even after the claim had been passed to the authorisation department she kept an eye on it and me informed. On Friday she phoned me to say that it had all been agreed and we would receive a cheque this week.

“She went through the payment and explained it all to me.

“Please, please reward her for her work. My husband & I really can't thank her enough. She is one in a million, a truly dedicated employee who gives her all and puts the customer first.”

Anonymous, 8th September 2014

“About a month ago, I booked a family holiday for my husband, daughter and myself together with my daughter's best friend. Stupidly, I kept putting off getting holiday insurance - thinking I had bags of time before the holiday itself and thinking that I had to set aside a chunk of time to collect passport numbers and individual details in order to fill in the forms...

“What a mistake. Two weeks ago our daughter's friend - who has mild cerebral palsy - fell off a skateboard. No problem, we think, just bruising. Turkey, here we come. Then: disaster. lt's a broken hip. After the operation the surgeon says it'll be six weeks on crutches and she won't be able to go on holiday.

“On Friday evening, after getting back from the hospital, and thoroughly kicking myself for not taking out insurance as soon as I'd booked, I finally sat down to book holiday insurance for the remaining three - disheartened - holiday goers. I can honestly say that booking with InsureandGo was the quickest, easiest, most efficient online transaction I've ever made. 7 minutes after logging on, my Silver insurance was complete and printed and in my suitcase. If only I'd been sensible enough to do it a fortnight ago... for all of us, including poor Florence.

“So - thumbs up to InsureandGo for making it so easy to protect yourself and thumbs down to me for not booking earlier and making a disaster out of a crisis...”

Pam Squires, 8th July 2014

InsureandGo customers have rated our customer service on average / 100 based on reviews.