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Dive into adventure: 6 must-visit scuba dive hotspots to explore

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Scuba diving is an activity that many of us would love to try. Heading below the waves lets us see the world from a whole new perspective, and those memories can last a lifetime. We’ve put together 6 incredible dive spots that will stick with you, whether you’re newly certified or an experienced diver.

Great dive spots for beginners

Red Sea, Egypt

Egypt offers one of the most popular diving destinations in the world, the Red Sea is an excellent place for beginners. The area has bright, vibrant reefs with many colourful corals and tropical fish. Dolphins and giant rays are common, as are dozens of shark species and turtles. If you dive in the right spot, you will also likely see a dugong or manatee.

Diving SeasonYear-round
Best time to diveMay – November
What to expectDolphins, manta rays, sharks, whale sharks and turtles. Plenty of shipwrecks.
Water Temperature18-28°C 

Koh Tao & Similan Islands, Thailand

Another popular diving site in Thailand, Koh Tao & the Similan Islands, attracts thousands of divers of all skill levels every year. Whale sharks are common between March and June, while giant Manta rays can be found year-round. There are also several turtle species and thousands of smaller, bright reef fish.

Diving SeasonNovember – April
Best time to diveFebruary – April
What to expectManta rays, whale sharks, turtles, and lots of smaller fish.
Water Temperature28-30°C 

Central Atolls, Maldives

The Central Atolls offer some of the best scuba diving in the magnificent Maldives. You can explore reefs and caves and dive into the open ocean. You’ll see several species of reef sharks, large rays and thousands of tropical fish species.

Diving SeasonYear-round
Best time to diveAugust – November
What to expectSharks, whale sharks, manta rays, tropical fish
Water Temperature26-30°C

Other amazing dive spots

For various reasons, these spots are best visited once you have some more diving experience. 

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

This area has strong currents, making it risky for beginners but well worth it for more veteran divers. It’s the best spot in the world for seeing huge schools of Hammerhead sharks. Vast shoals of other fish also call the area home, making for breathtaking sights, off the coast of Costa Rica.

Diving SeasonYear-round
Best time to diveDecember – May
What to expectHammerhead sharks, jacks, whale sharks, dolphins, tuna, rays and octopuses
Water Temperature22-25°C

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

This site in Malaysia is frequently found in lists of top dive sites and for good reason. Formed by an extinct volcano thousands of years ago, over 3,000 diverse species call this reef home. Barracuda rule the roost, however, with thousands of the slender ocean predators forming shimmering schools.

Diving SeasonYear-round
Best time to diveApril – December
What to expectBarracudas, turtles, reef sharks and parrotfish
Water Temperature26-30°C

Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is the largest ocean sinkhole in the world and is visible from space. The centre of the Great Blue Hole is over 400 feet deep, so you’ll explore the reefs that fringe the deeper water. Home to several species of sharks and large tuna, this is a one-of-a-kind dive and has been described as ‘gothic’.

Diving SeasonYear-round
Best time to diveApril – June
What to expectSharks, angelfish, tuna, purple sea fans, Pederson’s shrimp and whale sharks
Water Temperature26-29°C

No matter how experienced you are or which of these dive spots is your next destination, be sure to book scuba diving travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. You’ll need extreme sports cover if you’re unqualified or plan to go deeper than 30 metres.