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3 days of adventure: Making the most of a long weekend

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Holidays can be a great way to boost your mood and unwind, but it can be challenging to find time for a week away. So why not make the most of a long weekend in the meantime?

If it’s a bank holiday, or you’ve taken a day off, a three-day trip is a fantastic opportunity to travel. It’s a popular choice, with 42% of holidaymakers interested in taking a long weekend away this year1.

To help you plan your next short trip, we’ve gathered some top tips and advice so that you can make the most of your time.


More than any other type of holiday, destination is key on a weekend getaway. With longer trips, you can explore further afield once you’ve arrived, but with a three-day escape, you must choose where to go with care.

How far do you want to travel? With such a limited time, you don’t want to spend too long getting there. Europe is perfect for a long weekend, with plenty of options and short travel times.

Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? Or do you have a friend who lives abroad you’d love to catch up with? These sorts of trips are perfect for a long weekend.


Short-haul flights are a great option, but consider travelling by car or rail. Both let you enjoy more of the country as you travel and can be better for the environment.

road trip can be great fun with your family if you plan it well. Making the journey part of your holiday can make your time away feel that much longer. Just make sure you check over your car before you head off.


You only need to pack a little if you’re away for a few days. While you should still be prepared in case of delays or cancellations, there’s no need to over-stuff your case.

You can even take hand luggage only and skip waiting for your suitcase once you arrive. This can help you make the most of every moment of your holiday.


Short trips are all about maximising your time. Planning is one of the best ways to do this. Knowing when the attractions you want to visit open and buying tickets before you leave can all save you time.

Locals are often your best source of knowledge. If you already know someone who lives in the area, ask them for recommendations and tips. Many popular destinations also have an online presence where you can ask locals for suggestions.

If you’re staying in a hotel, the concierge is usually a great person to ask, with loads of handy information.


While you don’t need to plan everything to the second, it’s best to have a rough idea of what you want to do on your trip. Whether you’re exploring the city or relaxing at the beach, planning saves you time and stress while away.

Get everyone on the trip involved in planning it, and agree beforehand on what you will do and when.

Long weekend getaways may be shorter, but things can still go wrong. Make sure you buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your three-day adventure.

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