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Start planning your August Bank Holiday family getaway today!

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Who doesn’t love a fun-filled summer holiday? Build memories that last a lifetime as you and your family explore a brand-new destination or an old favourite. Start planning your trip now, and you can take care of everything with plenty of time to spare.

Focus on looking forward to your trip with our 5 favourite August Bank Holiday destinations and some top tips to make planning your adventure as smooth as possible.

5 amazing August destinations

Comporta, Portugal

Picture shows as beautigul, white sandy beach with vibrant blue seas. Taken in Comporta Portugal

While the Algarve is Portugal‘s most popular holiday destination, the less well-known and more laid-back region of Comporta is well worth a visit. Located on the west coast, Comporta is about an hour’s drive from the beautiful capital city, Lisbon.

Golden beaches stretch against the bright azure blue seas and are much less crowded than those in the more popular Algarve. Plenty of sustainable accommodation options are available too, and the August weather is warm and sunny, with highs of 28°C and lows of 19°C.

Puglia, Italy

Picture shows a beautiful sunny day in Puglia Italy.

Head to the boot of Italy in August for a great twist on a traditional seaside holiday. Puglia is bursting with events and festivals, letting you dive into Italian culture, which is all about family time together. There are beaches aplenty in this part of Italy, and lots of activities to choose from if you’re feeling adventurous.

The unique Trulli houses will be a hit with younger kids. These local buildings look like they’ve come straight out of a fairytale.


Picture shows the vast herds of Wildebeest which cross Kenya in August.

If you fancy a family safari, August is an incredible time to visit Kenya and enjoy the greatest wildlife show on earth. The legendary Great Migration means that August sees vast herds of wildebeest and zebras travel to Kenya for new grazing land. This is a once-in-a-lifetime family adventure that you need to start planning now.

Barcelona, Spain

Picture shows a bright August day in stunning Barcelona, Spain.

Treat yourself to a different side of Spain. Instead of hitting the packed beaches of the Costa Del Sol, why not take the family to Barcelona? The city is alive in August, with visitors from all over the world.

With centuries of incredible history and culture, you’ll have a great time exploring the city. If you want to cool off or soak up some sun, the local beaches are fantastic, letting you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Corfu, Greece

Picture shows clear, azure seas of the idyllic coast of Corfu, Greece.

Corfu is one of Greece‘s largest islands and a popular holiday hotspot. The island is an excellent combination of adventure and relaxation. Stroll through ancient ruins and lounge on the beautiful local beaches, or enjoy a day of thrills at one of the island’s water parks and kid-friendly museums. Corfu has plenty to offer the whole family for an August adventure.

Our top tips for planning your family holiday

Make sure you include time to rest

It may be tempting to try and fill every moment of your trip with exciting activities, but try to avoid the temptation. Rest and relaxation are just as important as fun and adventure. Younger children may seem like they have infinite energy, but they need to rest or they’ll get very cranky. Include some rest periods during your trip, whether that’s an hour or so each afternoon or a nice chilled-out day during the holiday.

Buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip

One of the most important parts of planning any trip is ensuring the whole family has quality travel insurance. Arranging this as soon as you book your trip doesn’t just tick it off your to-do list, it also ensures you’re protected should you need to cancel your trip. Even money experts like Martin Lewis recommend you buy as soon as you book.

Reduce travel times for younger children

You don’t have to go thousands of miles from home to experience something new and exciting. A long flight and transfers can make even seasoned travellers a bit grumpy and can be even harder for kids. It’s worth considering when planning a trip for young children, so choose your destination with care. A happy child means less stress for everyone.

Include time apart

Yes, it’s great to have everyone together on a family holiday, but don’t try and force everyone to do everything. Older kids and teenagers may want to spend a little time exploring on their own or just skipping a trip to relax by the pool. Don’t feel like you need to spend every moment together. A little time apart can make the rest of your time together all the more meaningful.

Work smart, not hard

These days there are all sorts of ways to save time when planning a trip. Use our travel checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything when organising your holiday. There are also loads of apps to help you with every step of your journey, including budgeting apps to help you make the most of your spending money.

You can find lots of other tips and tricks on our website, including travel hacks and tips for planning your flight.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration and know-how, it’s time to start planning your August getaway!