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Our World Poetry Day 2023 winner and honourable mentions

To celebrate World Poetry day on the 21st of March, we asked you to send us your original poems about travelling. Thank you to everyone who entered!

You all sent some amazing poems, and ensured that choosing a winner was no easy task. You can read the winner below, along with 5 of our other favourites. We hope that you enjoy them, and maybe even find some inspiration for your next trip!

The Winner – The Sun is always shining by Kirsty Caño

The sun is always shining

Somewhere in the world

So wherever it may be

I’ll set sail, be free

Lose myself across the sea

Find new horizons,

Explore and see

So many adventures

Just waiting for me

The sun is always shining

Somewhere in the world

Above or below the clouds,

Or in between the trees,

It’s up to me to find it,

Wherever it may be.

Honourable mentions

Travel broadens the mind by Barbara Scott

Travel broadens the mind they say. 

Well I have certainly done lots of it in my day

Lovely far flung places across the world

Mostly with friends and family but some alone

Yet it is true what they say, there is no place like home.

Lovely to look back on now I am old

With many adventures to be told

Meeting new people and seeing the world

Embracing the culture and learning new words

Words that you find hard to say 

But hopefully stay with you anyway

Yes travel is exciting and we are lucky that we can

Even if it is only in a worn out camper van!

Gili Air island by J Roberts

Surf breaks and bean bags and lots of warm sunshine

Views that delight and some serious me time

Sparkling blue oceans and hammocks in trees

Walking the beach and inhaling the breeze

Pony trap drivers, no cars, trucks or scooters

Age old ice cream carts sound presence with hooters

Hawkers with pearls to sell, trudge through the sand

Paradise central is Gili Air island

Roosters at junctions and cows in fields grazing

Turtles, fish, coral, the snorkelling’s amazing

Leaf littered footpaths on which we all tread

Kids play with toys till it’s time for their bed

Quirky cafes tend to customers wishes

By serving up food in handmade bamboo dishes

Bars offer discounts to all manner of tribes

Reggae through speakers completes the chilled vibes

Push bikes with big wheels, runners at dawn

Yoga before lunch, stretch, eat, chill and yawn

Sunrises and sunsets, for my eyes to follow

Paradise central is a cool spot to wallow

A jewel in the crown and a dot on the ocean

Gili Air greets you with loyal devotion

Locals bear smiles and show you their hearts

Welcome to heaven, it’s hard to depart

We think you need a holiday by Peter Holme

We think you need a holiday, all my friends said.

If you don’t take a break, you could end up dead.

Take a page from your bucket list and away you go,

To a tropical island or Switzerland’s snow.

First of all check you have the paperwork you need,

And go to a travel shop a brochure to read.

Then there is your passport to check or get,

And insurance you must not forget.

When you’ve booked the train, booked the plane and hotel in advance,

You can then look forward to that sunny beach in France.

What’s That? You’ve got Covid which you thought was ‘flu,

You’d better contact “InsureandGo” they’ll tell you what to do.

Aurora Borealis by Zia Usmani

Waking up at the crack of Dawn,

Dreamt I’d seen the northern lights,

So serene so beautiful so majestic,

It’s the travellers A list,

That’s the Aurora Borealis.

Just want to see the northern lights,

The calm of the wonder of the wide blue yonder I want to wander.

Just want to see the northern lights.

The flailing of colour over the massive sky.

hither thither and everywhere that is the glory of the Aurora Borealis.

I am revived by Gerard Madden

Heading off to Ireland on the Holyhead train – 

Reaching Galway

I’ll be seeing you again.

Your famous landmarks

Mountains and shore

Music and dancing: .

Welcomes galore! 

Heading off to Ireland on the Holyhead train-

Catching the ferry

To see you again.

Your aqua blue sea

Fresh and clear;

And Sugar Loaf Mountain

And red Irish deer.

Heading off on holiday –

My head’s alive

And I am revived…