Compare InsureandGo with AXA travel insurance 

If you’re looking for AXA travel insurance, we’ve got some bad news. They’re no longer selling new policies. However, we’ve got some good news too: InsureandGo offers a wide range of travel insurance! So whoever you are and wherever you’re going, we’re sure to have a policy to suit you.

Our Coronavirus Travel Insurance is rated Superior by a leading UK Consumer Champion. All of our policies will cover you if you catch Coronavirus.

Why choose InsureandGo?

Aside from the fact that AXA travel insurance UK is no longer available, why should you choose an InsureandGo policy?

What does an InsureandGo travel insurance policy cover?

All our policies come with a range of benefits:

Check out our policy wording for full details of these and the other policy benefits. 

What cover types are available?

We can’t sell you an AXA annual travel insurance policy, but we can offer you one of ours. We have policies to cover single trips or year-long annual multi-trip policies.

Single trip policies cover one holiday on specific dates.

Annual multi-trip policies cover you to travel as often as you like over a 12 month period. You can take unlimited holidays with just one policy, as long as no individual trip is longer than 31 days on a Budget policy, 45 days on a Silver or Gold policy, or 55 days on a Black policy. 

What cover options are available?

Winter sports. If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, you’ll need to add this cover to your policy. 

Hazardous activities. We can cover you for a range of extreme sports that wouldn’t usually be included with travel insurance, from canyon swinging to skydiving.

Valuables extension. Our policies already include cover for valuables, but if you’re taking something a bit more expensive you can add this cover.

Natural disaster. This covers your holiday against disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic ash clouds.

Business. If you’re travelling for work, you’ll need to add this cover. It will insure your equipment against loss, theft or damage, as well as giving you enhanced personal accident cover, and more. (Not available on Budget policies.)

Golf. If you’re planning to play golf, you’ll need to add this cover for your clubs and green fees. (Not available on Budget policies.)

Cruises. We only cover cruises if you’ve added this cover. It protects you against missed ports, cabin confinement due to illness and missed departures. (Not available on Budget policies.)

Excess waiver. If you’d prefer not to pay an excess if you need to claim, you can add this to your policy. Alternatively, you could choose to double the excess, making your policy slightly cheaper.

So if you were looking to buy AXA travel insurance, or if you had an AXA travel policy in the past, why not give us a try instead? We have cover to suit almost any trip, and it’s quick and easy to get a quote online.

  1. Unlimited emergency medical expenses available on Black level policies.
  2. Based on 2,050 responses, correct as of 22/01/2024