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Are you going to Russia?

Before buying insurance for your trip to Russia, consider these points:

  • The cost of your trip or holiday – Unforeseen events sometimes mean you have to unfortunately cancel your holiday; if that's the case, it's reassuring to know that you may be able get your money back
  • Consider the activities that you'll be doing while you're away - We cover more than 50 adventure activities automatically, but we can also cover you for other more extreme activities too. Just give us a call on the number at the top of the page
  • The total cost of your baggage
  • Whether you are covered for civil unrest or not
  • Also, don't forget to check the latest travel advice for Russia from the FCO

Did you know that...?

  • Russia is big. It's the biggest country on Earth, spanning nine time zones and accounting for 11% of world's land area and 10% of its arable land. It has borders with 15 countries. You could fit Britain into it more than 67 times.
  • Moscow, Russia, is home to more billionaires than any other city. There are 84 billionaires currently living there, with a net worth of US$366 billion between them. That's more than the total GDP of Switzerland!
  • Russians celebrate New Year twice. Like most of us, they see in the new year with a hangover on January 1st. Then they have another bash for New Year marked by the old Julian calendar - not officially in use since 1918 - which falls on January 13th.
  • The world's most prevalent assault rifle, the AK-47, was designed in 1949 so that Russian soldiers could operate it while wearing gloves in Arctic conditions. Its inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov said he'd have preferred to have invented a lawn mower.
  • The Trans-Siberian railway needed 200 bridges and 33 tunnels just to skirt around the bottom of Lake Baikal in Russia - the world's oldest, deepest and purest freshwater lake. It contains around a fifth of the world's liquid surface fresh water.
  • Widely regarded as one of the greatest ever video games, it's not by coincidence that Tetris has a strong Russian flavour. It was designed by Russian Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 and was the first game software to be exported from Russia to the world.
  • Russia's most recognisable hat, made of fur with ear flaps that can be tied down around the chin or up on the hat, is called an "ushanka" or "ear hat". Ushankas made of mink fur keep Russian chins and ears warm when the mercury dips to -70°C

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