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Travel insurance for pregnant women

If you're expecting, finding pregnancy travel insurance can be difficult, and no one wants to spend too much time thinking about insurance. We think getting covered during your pregnancy should be simple, so you can concentrate on looking forward to your trip.

Our policies cover you, even if you’re pregnant. What’s more, you can add your child to the policy for free once they're born.

Do you need special travel insurance when pregnant?

Travel insurance is always a top priority when booking a getaway, but even more so when it comes to travelling whilst pregnant. A good pregnancy travel insurance policy will cover most potential issues that could arise on your holiday, and give you peace of mind throughout your trip.

We cover pregnancy complications on all of our policies, from Budget to Black cover. We even cover it on our backpackers policies.

We can cover your kids for free!

If you’re going away with your children, we can cover them on your policy at no extra charge, whether you buy an annual policy or single trip cover.

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Things you need to consider when travelling whilst pregnant:

In what stages of the pregnancy is it OK to travel?

Some women prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because of the nausea and tiredness during the early stages, as well as the risk of miscarriage being higher in the first three months, whether you’re travelling or not. Travelling at the later stages of pregnancy can be uncomfortable for women and so it’s advised to travel between four and six months. However, it’s entirely up to you – many women are happy to travel throughout the duration of their pregnancy, which is why our pregnancy travel insurance is flexible to cover your individual needs.

Is it safe to fly when pregnant?

Flying is not harmful to you or your baby, but it’s important to discuss any health issues or pregnancy complications with a midwife before you travel. Some airlines may not let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy, so check the airline policy before you book your flight.

What is covered by the InsureandGo pregnancy insurance policy?

We do not consider pregnancy or childbirth to be an illness or injury. On all our policies, we provide cover under sections A - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday, B - Medical and other expenses and C - Hospital benefit of this policy, for claims that come from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

A full list of inclusions, exclusions and add-ons can be found in our insurance policy wording booklets.

If you want to work out which policy is right for you and calculate how much it'll cost, you can get a quote here.

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