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Salak | Unusual fruit from around the world

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Next time you go to the supermarket, instead of just buying some instant noodles and a Twix, why not take a moment to look at the fresh fruit? It’s all a bit strange, isn’t it? Bananas are a funny shape, kiwis have a furry skin and strawberries have their pips on the outside! Weird. However, believe it or not, these are actually pretty normal compared to some of the bizarre fruits grown around the world.

Salak | Indonesia

Salak fruit

The salak is a type of palm tree which grows its fruit in clusters at the base of the plant (rather than dropping it on you from above, like some other palm trees I could mention).

The fruit of the salak is sometimes called snake fruit because of its brown scaly skin. It’s easy to see why they came up with this name, even though it does sound like it might be a euphemism for reptile droppings.

Once the snake fruit has shed its skin, the flesh beneath looks a bit like a giant garlic. It’s said to have an apple-like texture, but a flavour that’s closer to pineapple – it’s probably very nice, if you like that sort of thing. Just make sure you arrange travel insurance before you go snake fruit hunting.