We always hear about how sunny Australia is, but have you heard of the wettest place in Australia?

Tully's Main Street

Credit: Frances76

It’s called Tully and it’s situated just two hours south of Cairns in Northern Queensland. Babinda a nearby town also competes for the wettest town in Australia, and locals will always backup the town they’re from for the title of wettest town. But, in my experience, Tully definitely takes the crown.

It rains. A lot. Considering the fact London’s annual rainfall is approximately 600mm and Tully’s is approximately 4,000mm, it starts to put things into perspective. The reason the town has so much rainfall is partially due to where it’s situated. It’s nestled between Mount Mackay and Mount Tyson, which contribute towards the amount of rain.

It rains so much in Tully that in 2003, a giant gumboot (that’s Australian for welly, by the way) was constructed as a monument to the local climate. If you decide to visit Tully, pack a brolly and arrange your travel insurance.

Tully is home to some of the deadliest snake species on the planet. The environment breeds all different types of snakes, spiders and dangerous insects. They obviously like it wet!

Have you been to Tully or Babinda? If so, let us know.