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Over 70s travel insurance

At InsureandGo, we want holiday insurance to be available to as many people as possible - whether you're 21, 70 or 100+, we've got you covered. Our policies have no upper age limit and we’ll consider any medical conditions you might have.

Travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing medical conditions

At InsureandGo, we'll consider any medical conditions. We never exclude a condition without asking you questions about them first. That way we can work out if we can cover you for them and, if we can, how much extra that will cost. Certain conditions can even be covered at no extra charge.

Sometimes we might have to charge you a little bit extra. In that case, you'll have the option of whether or not you'd like to include that cover. Our policy wording booklets have more details regarding medical conditions and your travel insurance.

We consider all conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you don't need to worry - you can declare them online quickly and easily.

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We cover over 50 activities

All of our policies come with cover for over 50 activities and sports as standard, so you can get up to more on your trip.

What types of activities are not covered under your over 70s travel insurance?

Fancy having a go at jet skiing, doing a bit of scuba diving or even bungee jump off a bridge somewhere? Well, no matter which one you choose (or just a relaxing hike in the local scenery), you'll be covered. Our policies include cover for over 50 sports and activities as standard, no matter what your age is. You can even add on cover for more extreme activities by giving us a call. You can find a list near the back of the policy documents with all the activities we cover and whether or not you'll need to tell us about it first.

Will my policy be more expensive if I'm over 70?

Yes, unfortunately the costs rise because of the increased risk of claims when older people travel. This is normal with all travel insurance policies so you may find you pay slightly more.

Does my over 70s travel insurance change depending on where I'm going?

Yes, but this isn't because you're over 70. Policy prices change depending on where you're going because different countries have different costs for medical treatment. For example, medical expenses in the US are a lot higher than medical costs in Spain.

How long can I travel for if I’m over 70?

If you’re aged 66 or over at the time you buy your policy, we can cover you for up to 31 days per trip. If you buy an annual multi-trip policy, there’s no limit to the number of trips you can take during the year, so as long as each one is 31 days or less.

Cruise travel insurance

Planning on taking a cruise as well? We offer optional upgrades for cruisegoers with our specialist cruise travel insurance.

Just like our standard travel insurance, we can consider any pre-existing medical conditions on our cruise travel insurance, which also has no upper age limit.

Our cruise holiday insurance includes extra cover for a number of cruise specific eventualities including cabin confinement, interruption, itinerary changes and more. 

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