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Our single trip travel insurance is tailored to your plans, covering anything from a short UK break to a whole year of exploring the world. It’s quick and easy to get a quote and we have no upper age limit.

What is single trip travel insurance and how does it work?

Our single trip travel insurance is for a one-off trip of up to 365 days and can include multiple countries. It’s there to cover you if something goes wrong before or during your trip. Helping with medical care if you have an accident or replacing stolen property, which could leave you facing high costs if you don’t have insurance.

How does our travel insurance for a single trip work?

*Note: While our single trip travel insurance policies have no upper age limit, our Winter Sports additional cover can only be used by those under 65. 

The excess and cover will vary depending on the policy level purchased. See our policy wording for full details and terms and conditions.

What does InsureandGo’s single trip travel insurance cover?

Discover the benefits that we cover as standard with our single trip travel insurance policies, along with a variety of add on options:

What’s covered?

All our single trip travel insurance policies include trips of up to 365 days and we’ll cover travellers of any age. Our policies include:

Travelling to multiple countries on one trip? Just declare  all the countries you’ll be travelling to. We can cover trips in the UK too, as long as you have booked accommodation

Find out about our optional add ons for activities like extreme sports, winter sports, cruises and golf

We will consider all pre-existing medical conditions, find out more about medical travel insurance. The excess and amount of cover available varies depending on the level of single trip travel insurance you buy. Make sure you check the policy wording to see the full terms and conditions.

What’s not covered?

We aim to provide as much cover as we can on our policies. However, there are some situations no travel insurance will cover. For example:

The best single trip travel insurance for your needs

Looking for the best single trip travel insurance? Whatever you’re planning for your trip, we have a range of cover to suit you:

Be sure to read our policy wording, to find out more about any of these options.

Which destinations are covered by our single trip travel insurance?

Whether you’re planning an exotic beach holiday in the Caribbean or a tour of Italy’s best eateries, we can cover you:

How to book our single trip travel insurance

Book single trip travel insurance fast with two simple steps:

1. Tell us where you’re going, who you want to cover and some details about any pre-existing medical conditions

Do this online now or give us a call:

2. Get your quote and your cover

Receive your quote and you can decide to either purchase your insurance policy straight away or save it for later.

Single trip travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition cover

We will consider any pre-existing medical condition, just be sure to declare it before purchasing your policy. Our online medical screening process is simple and we’ll quickly be able to give you a quote. We may be able to include your pre-existing medical condition at no extra cost, but there could be an additional premium.

If you don’t declare your pre-existing condition you won’t be covered for claims relating to it, should anything happen. For more information, have a look at our pages about travel insurance for medical conditions, including:

Read our policy wording to understand what is and isn’t included in our insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

Frequently asked questions on single trip travel insurance

Does my single trip travel insurance cover Covid-19?

Yes, all our travel insurance for single trips covers Covid-19 if;

  • you have had the first 2 doses of the Coronavirus vaccinations as recommended by the UK NHS, and are up to date with each Coronavirus booster vaccination for which you are eligible, or you were medically unable to have the vaccinations as evidenced by your medical records; and
  • you are travelling to a country or area where the FCDO/WHO are not advising against all or all but essential travel due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This means that if you catch Coronavirus you’ll be covered to cancel your holiday, or to receive medical treatment abroad. You’ll also be covered if you, or someone you’re travelling with, is personally instructed to isolate. Read our page about Coronavirus travel insurance for more details.

When should I start my single trip travel insurance?

When buying insurance for a one-off holiday, you should enter the dates you’ll be leaving and returning to the UK. You’ll be covered for unexpected cancellations from the time you pay for your policy, even if the travel dates are months away. This means you are free to look forward to your holiday knowing you’re covered!

Can I get one day travel insurance?

Single trip travel insurance can cover trips from one night to 365 nights! Providing cover for medical expenses, personal belongings and over 100 sports and activities.

Even if you’re just staying in the UK, travel insurance will cover you as long as you have overnight accommodation booked. Check the policy wording to see the full terms and conditions, including excess, the amount of cover available and what is and isn’t covered.

Does single trip travel insurance cover cancellation?

All policies include cover for cancellation of your trip under certain circumstances out of your control. There may, however, be some exclusions. For example, you won’t be covered if you just decide you don’t want to go. Likewise, you won’t be covered for cancellation due to something you were aware of before buying your insurance or booking your trip. 

Make sure you read the relevant policy wording for full details on what is and is not covered.

Is annual travel insurance cheaper than single trip?

If you’re planning on going away more than once this year, an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy could save you time and money. It will cover you for any trips you take within 12 months in a certain region. It will mean you don’t have to take out separate cover for every trip. Plus it’s often cheaper than taking out two or more single trip travel insurance policies.

Does single trip travel insurance cover multiple countries?

Yes! Let us know your travel dates, and the countries you’ll be visiting, and we’ll offer you a range of single trip travel insurance cover tailored to your plans. 

If you’re planning to visit up to 10 countries on one trip, you can get a quote online. If you have more than 10 on your itinerary, give us a call.

Do I need single trip travel insurance if I have a GHIC/EHIC card?

The EHIC and GHIC entitle the holder to medical treatment at the same price as residents within certain countries. This often means free or reduced costs. However, it won’t cover all medical expenses such as if you’re transported by private ambulance to a private clinic. It also doesn’t cover repatriation to the UK.

The EHIC/GHIC doesn’t work in all countries. It also won’t provide cover for cancellation, lost personal belongings or delayed departure, if something else goes wrong. So it’s always advisable to take out adequate travel insurance as well.

 Are there holiday length restrictions on single trip travel insurance?

Single trip travel insurance covers you for one period away from home – beginning when you set off on your journey and ending when you get back home. A single trip can be anything from one to 365 nights away. It can even be as short and as local as a one-night stay in the UK, as long as you’ve booked accommodation.

Who can buy an InsureandGo single trip travel insurance policy?

All our single trip travel insurance policies are available to UK residents. This means:

Unfortunately, we can’t provide cover to anyone who doesn’t fit this description. Get a quote online or browse our policy documents for more information.

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