Campaign for real travel photos
  • Send us a photo from your travels
  • If we like them, we'll display them in our gallery
  • If we really like them, we might use them in our advertising and we'll pay you £50


Campaign for real travel photos

We're very careful when it comes to choosing images for our adverts and our website. We find typical stock holiday photos a bit boring. Who wants to look at yet another deckchair on a sandy beach!? Because we want to inspire you to travel somewhere a little different, we like to use photos that are a bit different too. And this is where you can help us!

We want to you to send us your real travel photos. If we like them, we’ll show them in our gallery for everyone else to admire. But if we really like them, we might use them in our advertising and pay you £50!

What is a 'real travel photo'?

Put simply, a real travel photo is a photo that anyone could’ve taken, not just a professional photographer with lots of fancy equipment. We love photos that engage the senses and make you feel like you’re really there. Your photo wouldn’t necessarily look any good in a holiday brochure but when you look at it, you feel like you’re really there. You remember the smells and the sounds, and you want to go back there again. We want photos that are beautiful or intriguing, or both!

Maybe you took a picture of a lovely cat that followed you around in Spain, or maybe your favourite picture is of some huge waves crashing against the shore in Australia. Whatever picture from your trip that reminds you of a particular smell, taste or feeling, we want to see it!

Show me some examples

Cows taking a break on the beach Giethoorn in the Netherlands Abbey with lavender fields Village scene in Madagascar Hanging octopuses in Greece Mother and her child in Peru Chinese lanterns above a street Hillside filled with sunflowers

What's wrong with stock photos?

Nothing. We use lots of stock photos in our adverts and our website, but we try to pick the ones that don't look like your typical stock photos. We don't like photos that look too staged, or fake or cheesy. We're also not keen on photos that have been filtered or edited in Photoshop. We don’t think there's anything wrong with these photos – they're just not our cup of tea!

How do I enter?

That's easy! Just click this button to get started: