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    Long stay travel insurance

    With long stay travel insurance from InsureandGo, your holiday doesn’t have to stop at a fortnight. We can cover trips of up to 18 months in length, whether you’re planning to travel the world or spend a season on the slopes.

    What is long stay travel insurance?

    Long stay travel insurance can cover your longer-than-average holiday, whether an extended 3 week stay or an epic round the world trip. The type of policy you need to choose will depend on how long you’ll be going for. If you’re going away for three or four weeks instead of the traditional one to two, then you’ll be pleased to know our standard single trip policies will cover you. In fact, they’ll cover a trip of up to 365 days if you’re aged 65 or under.

    If a year away isn’t enough for you, our backpacker policies insure trips of up to 18 months, whether or not you’re actually backpacking!

    If you already have annual cover, and are under 65, you may already be covered for holidays as long as 90 days, or up to 24 days of winter sports, depending on your policy. If you’re over 65, we can cover you for up to 31 days per holiday, but do get in touch if that’s not enough as it may be possible to extend your cover.

    What does long stay travel insurance cover?

    All of our long stay travel insurance policies include:

    • Cover for cancellation of your trip
    • Over 50 activities covered as standard (See policy wording for a full list of activities)
    • Emergency dental treatment
    • Personal belongings and baggage cover
    • Personal money, passports and travel documents cover
    • Accommodation cover
    • Legal expenses cover

    The excess and cover limits will vary depending on the level of cover purchased. Find out more in our policy wording. Further items and activities can be added to your travel insurance policy, making sure you are covered for any specific needs.

    We can cover your kids for free!

    If you’re going away with your children, we can cover them on your policy at no extra charge, whether you buy an annual policy or single trip cover.

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    We cover over 50 activities!

    All of our travel insurance policies come with cover for over 50 activities and sports as standard, so you can get up to more on your trip.

    What else is included in long stay travel insurance?

    How long you’re going away for, and what your travel plans are, will affect what your policy needs to cover. For example, our backpacker policy includes cover for a trip home, pausing your insurance while you’re back, so you don’t have to take out two separate policies.

    We also consider any diagnosed medical condition, cover 50 sports and activities as standard and will even cover your kids for free.

    So, if you’re thinking of jet-setting around the world, or spending a season or two abroad, then get in touch with our team by visiting our contact us page.

    Who is long stay travel insurance suitable for?

    Long stay travel insurance is suitable for anyone, aged 65 or under, who plans on spending a longer period abroad. Our single trip policies can cover trips of up to a year, while our backpacker insurance can cover holidays of up to 18 months! So if you’re planning to travel around Southeast Asia on your gap year or volunteering for some charity work abroad, you’re in the right place to get a quote.

    Does long stay travel insurance cover several countries?

    Yes! We know that people like to move from place to place on their travels, and that’s especially true of backpackers. Our backpacker policies come in four different destination groups, so you can choose the region you’re visiting then travel around freely:

    • Europe (plus Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and Ukraine)
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Worldwide (except USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean)
    • Worldwide

    To choose the right long stay travel insurance policy for you, get a quote online or get in touch for more information.

    Can I buy long stay travel insurance after booking a trip?

    Some travel operators require you to buy your insurance at the same time as booking your trip. Others are more flexible as long as you obtain your travel insurance before you depart.

    Long stay travel insurance with medical conditions

    We cover a wide range of medical conditions on our Silver, Gold and Black level policies, including those with long stay covers, and we will never refuse to cover a pre-existing medical condition without prior consideration. We can usually cover any medical conditions with an additional premium, and medical cover on your long stay holiday is no exception.

    You can check through our insurance policy documents for further details on long stay travel insurance with medical conditions we cover, or get in touch today for more information.

    Does a long stay travel insurance cover me while working abroad?

    Even though working abroad is not covered as standard, we can look to cover you. All you need to do is call one of our Sales agents in the call centre so that they help you with giving you more information.


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