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    Travel insurance prices

    The type of travel insurance you choose can vary depending on what you need for your trip. Here’s a table of our travel insurance prices to give you a rough idea of how much you might spend with our award-winning policies.

    Type of travel insuranceLength of tripEuropeWorldwide
    Annual multi-tripUp to 31 days per trip£35.51£52.76
    Single trip3 days£11.15£36.27
    1 week£15.04£45.37
    2 weeks£20.41£54.47
    Winter sports3 days£21.34£70.34
    1 week£28.93£88.08
    2 weeks£39.40£105.83
    Backpackers1 month£16.90£42.90
    6 months£89.70£223.60
    12 months£161.20£404.30

    *Based on a 35-year-old with no medical conditions, who chose the cheapest available cover with standard excess

    The travel insurance policies you can buy aren’t all equal when it comes to what they cover and to what levels of cover they offer. So, as well as comparing the prices of the travel insurance you’re looking to buy, you should also make a comparison between the things that are covered and levels of cover on offer.

    While it’s important to get good value for money when buying travel insurance, it’s arguably more important to ensure you have the cover you need. Whether that’s cover for losing your baggage, your flight being delayed, needing medical treatment, or the chance you might injure yourself doing a specific activity.

    Medical expenses cover

    Possibly the most important coverage to get right is your medical expenses cover. This should ideally cover you for emergency medical bills, emergency dental treatment and usually repatriation up to a certain amount depending on your policy. Getting medical treatment abroad can be costly, so you don’t want to end up with a big bill if you’re taken ill or suffer an injury while on holiday.

    If you’re travelling in Europe, experts recommend you take out at least £1 million of cover, while if you are travelling outside Europe, at least £2 million. We offer a minimum of £5 million.

    Personal liability cover

    Personal liability covers you if you’re legally liable for accidentally injuring someone, or damaging or losing their property, while abroad.

    If you injure someone, or damage their personal property, they could make a claim for compensation against you. It’s therefore a good idea to choose an insurer who is willing to provide you with personal liability cover of at least up to £1 million.

    Baggage and belongings cover

    This covers you if your baggage or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged, taking wear and tear into account. Money saving websites such as Which? recommend at least £1,500 for baggage and personal belongings cover. Baggage cover should be enough to cover your valuables and baggage.

    Cancellation and curtailment cover

    Cancellation is one of the most important basic costs that your travel insurance can protect you against. This pays up to the amount specified on your policy if you need to cancel or curtail (cut short) your holiday. Usually this only covers costs that you can’t recover or get refunded from your holiday supplier. Cancellation cover can range from £250 to £7,500, so it’s important to check that your chosen policy covers the cost of your trip. Money saving websites generally recommend about £3,000 for cancellation cover.

    Activities cover

    All of our travel insurance policies cover over 50 sports and activities as standard, so from golf to go-karting, cycling to surfing, you’ll be covered. If you’re planning on doing some extreme sports, you can add on our ‘extreme sports cover’. This will cover a whole host of activities that are a little more risky; like shark diving, skydiving or even ostrich racing! We’ll have you covered with our extreme sports add-on.

    Legal expenses

    Legal expenses cover protects you if you have to initiate legal proceedings against someone while you’re abroad – if you have to claim compensation or damages, for example. This will usually include the cost of hiring a lawyer, but will only be activated where there is a reasonable chance of success (in other words, a 51% chance or higher of winning).

    Hospital benefit

    If you have to stay in hospital while abroad and you have purchased hospital benefit cover, you may be eligible to receive a fixed payment for each set period of time (usually 24 hours) that you have to spend in hospital, up to a maximum amount depending on your policy. It’s designed to cover additional costs that aren’t covered by your medical expenses policy – food and drink, for example.

    Pet care

    If you’re planning to leave your pet in a cattery or kennel, and you want to get protection in case your flight is delayed on the return journey and you can’t pick up your pet in time, then pet care cover can provide a daily benefit payment to cover the extended cost of the pet’s stay. This is usually per 24 hours.

    Accommodation cover

    If your hotel or accommodation is unreachable as a result of fire, flood, storm, explosion, avalanche or an outbreak of infectious disease, this cover will protect you up to an amount specified by your policy. Your policy should be enough to cover the substantial cost of your accommodation.

    Delayed departure or abandoning your trip

    With this type of cover, you may be able to receive a benefit payment for each full 12-hour period you’re delayed, as long as you eventually go on the trip. If a major delay of over 24 hours forces you to abandon your holiday, where the delay has been caused by strike action, poor weather or mechanical failure, you may receive a payment for your unused travel and accommodation expenses up to the amount in our policy wording.

    Business cover

    If you’re travelling for business, this cover will pay up to the policy amount for the loss, damage, theft or significant delay of any equipment or personal money. They may also provide emergency courier services in the event a delay. If you have proof your trip was for business, you can also claim back personal accident money.

    Your business cover should provide protection for personal belongings (your laptop, tablet or business mobile), business equipment (up to the single article limit based on your policy wording), and pay travel expenses if you’re caused to miss any connections or your flight is cancelled.


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